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Culture and Tradition in Cambodia

Enjoy your stay in the Kingdom of Cambodia by immersing yourself in its culture and traditions. For if Cambodia shines through its magnificent natural heritage, it also seduces for its unique character that is reflected through its religion, its customs and customs.

Culture and Tradition in Cambodia - Cambodia

Religion in Cambodia

Straddling Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, this charming country of Southeast Asia brings great importance to the religion of the centuries. You will also discover, during your long walks in the heart of the country, the magnificence of the temples embellishing Cambodia. We will quote Angkor Wat, built in the 12th century or the temple of Preah Vihear which you can admire in the province of the same name and which was recognised by UNESCO in 2008.

But even as they are adepts of Theravada Buddhism, the majority of Cambodians cohabit in perfect harmony with other minority communities. The Muslim community shares the daily life of the Cham people. The Khmer Loeu people occupy the highlands of the North East of the country, such as the province of Mondulkiri.

You will also discover a Christian minority with a residence in Cambodia, notably in the province of Siem Reap where a Catholic church is set up in the floating village of Chong Khneas.

At the heart of tradition

The encounter of these three religions, dominated by Buddhism, gave rise to habits and customs based on the respect of beliefs, but also of others. Remember, therefore, that raising the voice or contradicting your interlocutor will be very badly taken by the Cambodians.

Remember also that the inhabitants do not shake hands when they greet each other. Hands clasped in front of the chest will serve as salvation, but also of respect in front of his equal. The position of the hands defines the rank of each interlocutor.

Cambodian culture

Cambodian culture is discovered through its gastronomy and its festivities. For it is precisely during the festive season that the Khmers reveal their traditional colours punctuated by traditional instruments such as the roneat, or large xylophones, and the chapeis, large curved guitars characterising the Khmer community.

As for gastronomy, it will reveal to you, in its own way, this fabulous marriage between the Thai, French, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. The Amok, from fish to coconut milk cooked in a banana leaf, will remind you, for example, of Thailand.

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