About Us

About Villanovo

Villanovo is a luxury villa holiday specialist and a fully bonded travel agent. Villanovo has organised villa holidays for more than 100'000 guests from Europe, Asia and America.

We are a small size team of travel and villa advisors, all experts at selecting the villa that will satisfy you. We will help you plan your villa vacation, tell you all you need to know about the villas and share with you our regional knowledge. We offer the perfect blend of Western know-how, meticulous attention to detail and local professional hospitality and care.

We know you value privacy, freedom and elegance and we have individually selected villas, riads, chalets and appartments which can meet your discerning needs. All our properties are of superior quality, sometimes luxury, always charming, beautiful and very comfortable.

We are fully financially bonded and bound by professional codes of conduct, complying with the latest European directives. Your money is "safe" and your rights protected with a reputable and professional holiday company.

Our Service & Your Experience

From the moment you make your reservation, Villanovo will offer invaluable advice on which site is best for you, according to local weather patterns, your particular desires, and more. Our team will organize your dream holiday, in the most personalized way to meet your needs. A beautiful rental property and high-end service are key to the success of any holiday. But it’s getting to know the destination that helps create precious memories for the future. This is why Villanovo is committed to sharing its travel vision, to allow each customer to take ownership of the destination at his or her own pace, through meetings and visits which are as personalized as can be. Using its expertise in service and follow-up communications to better understand each client’s expectations, right up to the eve of their departure date, Villanovo has developed a wide range of alternate itineraries to take travelers far from the typical tourist haunts. Villanovo can organize a picnic in the hidden corners of the Atlas Mountains, or a trip by camel to discover a little-known valley. Villanovo is supported by partners with whom it has created strong bonds over the years to provide the most immersive way of traveling available

Villanovo web site

Our website provides all the information and photos you need to search and select your next vacation villa for a romantic stay or a family holiday. Our destinations now include Morocco, Mauritius, Ibiza, Bali, Rio de Janeiro, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Greece, Italy, South Africa, the Swiss and French Alps and some more to come.
Almost all the owners we work with update the availability of their property on a daily basis. We will answer within 24 hours to any availability request you make on Villanovo web site.
We encourage you also to contact our villa specialists by phone or email. They will help you finding the perfect escape for your next stay and organize your upcoming stay with you directly.

Founders and Directors

David Schneuwly

David is the father of Jules, Clara and Paloma. David has more than 25 years experience in the marketing of online services both as entrepreneur and senior manager in large corporations. David graduated from Dauphine University in Paris.

Geraldine Schneuwly

Geraldine was born in Morocco and has lived with enthusiasm many expatriations. She joined Villanovo at the end of 2020. Géraldine co-founded and managed a hotel group in Morocco for several years. She was also in charge of hotel development projects in Menorca.

Philippe Brunet

Philippe is the father of four children. Philippe is the founder of Filovent, the leading online yacht charter company which started its activities more than 20 years ago. Philippe is a focused and successful entrepreneur with an extensive experience of online sales.