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Rent a Luxury Villa in Menorca

For a high-end holiday with friends and family in Menorca

With stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere, the tranquil shores of Menorca offer a quiet escape for friends and family in search of peace and natural beauty while basking in glorious sunshine. From the quaint streets of Binibeca to historic Ciutadella, Villanovo's selection of luxury properties, including many villas with a swimming pool, provide the ideal holiday accommodation.



  1. AlaiorExternal link
  2. BinibecaExternal link
  3. Cala en PorterExternal link
  4. Cala'n BoschExternal link
  5. Cap d'en FontExternal link
  6. CiutadellaExternal link
  7. Es GrauExternal link
  8. Es Migjorn GranExternal link
  9. FornellsExternal link
  10. MahónExternal link
  11. Sant LluisExternal link
  12. Son GanxoExternal link
  13. Son SauraExternal link
  14. South CoastExternal link

Number of rooms

  1. 2+
  2. 3+
  3. 4+
  4. 5+
  5. 6+
  6. 7+
  7. 8+

Equipment and Services

  1. Beach in TenExternal link
  2. Ski out
  3. Garden
  4. Private parking space
  5. Tennis
  6. Heated swimming pool
  7. Party and Wedding
  8. Cinema lounge
  9. Children welcome
  10. House staff
  11. Secure pool
  12. Billard
  13. Direct access to the beach
  14. Direct sea access
  15. By the slopes
  16. Slopes less than 300 m away
  17. Slopes less than 500 m away
  18. Swimming poolExternal link
  19. Jacuzzi

Number of people

  1. 6 persons +External link
  2. 8 persons +External link
  3. 9 persons +External link
  4. 10 persons +External link
  5. 12 persons +External link
  6. 14 persons +External link
  7. 15-19 personsExternal link
  8. 25-29 personsExternal link


  1. Child-friendly villasExternal link
  2. City breaksExternal link
  3. Corporate retreat villasExternal link
  4. Countryside villasExternal link
  5. Event villasExternal link
  6. Family friendly villasExternal link
  7. Fully staffed villasExternal link
  8. Heated pool villasExternal link
  9. Large group villasExternal link
  10. Long week-end short stay villasExternal link
  11. Pet-friendly villasExternal link
  12. Pretty villas with low pricesExternal link
  13. Villas for photo shootsExternal link
  14. Villas near the cityExternal link
  15. Villas near the seaExternal link
  16. Villas with a gardenExternal link
  17. Villas with a view of the oceanExternal link
  18. Villas with extra privacyExternal link
  19. Villas with swimming poolExternal link
  20. Waterfront villasExternal link
  21. Wedding villasExternal link

Types of property

  1. FincasExternal link
  2. Historic estatesExternal link
  3. Luxury villasExternal link
31 Villa Villas
22 reviews
4.6 out of 5.
588 € - 1 680 € per night
Traveler 12 Rooms 5 Bathroom 4

Menorca - Mahón
705 € - 1 911 € per night
Traveler 9 Rooms 4 Bathroom 3

Menorca - Ciutadella
2 000 € - 2 500 € per night
Traveler 12 Rooms 6 Bathroom 7

Menorca - Mahón
Price : Contact us
Traveler 15 Rooms 9 Bathroom 5

Menorca - Cala en Porter
Price : Contact us
Traveler 25 Rooms 11 Bathroom 11

Menorca - Cala en Porter
1 000 € - 1 588 € per night
Traveler 10 Rooms 4 Bathroom 4

Menorca - Cap d'en Font
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Our destination experts as well as our concierge service will help organise your ideal vacation

227 € - 1 020 € per night
Traveler 8 Rooms 4 Bathroom 3

Menorca - Binibeca
1 680 € - 5 042 € per night
Traveler 10 Rooms 5 Bathroom 5

Menorca - Sant Lluis
430 € - 890 € per night
Traveler 6 Rooms 3 Bathroom 3

Menorca - Fornells
2 857 € - 4 000 € per night
Traveler 12 Rooms 6 Bathroom 6

Menorca - South Coast
411 € - 1 000 € per night
Traveler 9 Rooms 5 Bathroom 5

Menorca - Fornells
250 € - 775 € per night
Traveler 6 Rooms 3 Bathroom 2

Menorca - Alaior
542 € - 1 320 € per night
Traveler 6 (8 max.) Rooms 4 Bathroom 4

Menorca - Alaior
231 € - 769 € per night
Traveler 6 Rooms 3 Bathroom 2

Menorca - Binibeca
399 € - 571 € per night
Traveler 4 Rooms 2 Bathroom 2

Menorca - Es Grau
411 € - 1 423 € per night
Traveler 8 Rooms 4 Bathroom 4

Menorca - Ciutadella
1 607 € - 4 107 € per night
Traveler 14 (18 max.) Rooms 7 Bathroom 6

Menorca - Es Migjorn Gran
375 € - 1 125 € per night
Traveler 12 Rooms 5 Bathroom 5

Menorca - Fornells
490 € - 900 € per night
Traveler 2 (6 max.) Rooms 3 Bathroom 4

Menorca - Ciutadella
182 € - 643 € per night
Traveler 6 Rooms 3 Bathroom 2

Menorca - Binibeca
Price : Contact us
Traveler 10 Rooms 5 Bathroom 5

Menorca - Son Saura
670 € - 1 438 € per night
Traveler 2 (8 max.) Rooms 4 Bathroom 3

Menorca - Mahón
690 € - 1 975 € per night
Traveler 8 (10 max.) Rooms 4 Bathroom 5

Menorca - Ciutadella
180 € - 700 € per night
Traveler 8 Rooms 4 Bathroom 5

Menorca - Ciutadella
154 € - 625 € per night
Traveler 8 Rooms 4 Bathroom 5

Menorca - Ciutadella
490 € - 900 € per night
Traveler 2 (6 max.) Rooms 3 Bathroom 4

Menorca - Ciutadella
258 € - 600 € per night
Traveler 10 Rooms 5 Bathroom 2

Menorca - Cala'n Bosch
176 € - 501 € per night
Traveler 8 Rooms 4 Bathroom 3

Menorca - Cala'n Bosch
244 € - 736 € per night
Traveler 8 Rooms 4 Bathroom 3

Menorca - Binibeca
215 € - 720 € per night
Traveler 8 Rooms 4 Bathroom 2

Menorca - Binibeca
381 € - 751 € per night
Traveler 8 Rooms 4 Bathroom 3

Menorca - Son Ganxo
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Our destination experts as well as our concierge service will help organise your ideal vacation


Large beachfront homes and private pools: discover our villas

Villanovo has a fabulous, handpicked selection of luxury villas in Menorca for you to browse and find your ideal holiday villa. Options are available for both catered and self-catering accommodation, as well as a third option, whereby you can contract a private chef for a one-off occasion. Whether you're looking for something with a sleek contemporary design or a more rustic aesthetic, a private pool, luxuriant garden, sea view (direct sea access) or even a tennis court, our carefully chosen collection of luxury properties is sure to meet your needs. 

Villanovo's fantastic range of luxury villas can be found in all the most sought-after places throughout the island: from the main towns of the capital Mahon and Ciutadella, the shimmering marinas of the likes of Fornells, to more secluded locations closer to the gorgeous small coves located on the western part of the island, such as the picturesque Cala Turqueta and the crystalline waters of the beautiful Cala'n Bosch.

A dedicated concierge service for a bespoke stay in Menorca

At Villanovo we take great pride in ensuring that our guests have enjoyed a stay that more than fulfils their wishes. That's why alongside an exquisite selection of villas in Menorca, we offer the expert knowledge, experience and local contacts of our concierge service to assist in the planning and smooth-running of your Mediterranean escape. From assistance in arranging airport transfer, car, bike or boat hire, to choosing the best places to eat and finding a babysitter, we are on-hand to put your mind at ease.

Let us take the stress and guesswork out of planning your perfect family vacation, so that you and your loved ones can stretch out and gaze at the lazy palm trees while strewn on one of the island's soft-sand beaches and small pretty coves, safe in the knowledge that everything is being taken care of. 

Contact to us today to see how our concierge service can assist you. 

Beyond Ibiza and Mallorca: the hidden gem of the Balearics

If you're looking for the beautiful beaches, wonderful weather and a delightful Mediterranean ambience free from crowds and sun loungers, then look no further than Mallorca's little sister, Menorca. Let the quaint fishing villages, the winding streets and rustic stone walls of the old quarters of its storied towns charm you, whether you're on a romantic getaway, a trip with friends or a family holiday in this tranquil holiday paradise.

In 1993 Menorca was declared a Biosphere Reserve so the ecology of the island is protected by UNESCO and its traditions are preserved with pride by its inhabitants. That makes it perfect for exploring on foot and getting up close to experience the beauty first-hand and at the island's own pace.  

Travel the famous Cami de Cavalls hiking route which takes you around the perimeter of the island, showcasing the countless stretches of white sand, lighthouses, and small coves that make up its shoreline (however, consider doing so outside of the summer months when the lack of shade can become problematic), and be left awestruck by the island's gentle beauty. The trail is broken up into 10 manageable sections. Among our favourites is one starting on the east coast close to the capital Mahon and slowly making your way north to Es Grau. Meanwhile, for those staying near the south-west coast of the island, the section between Sant Tomas and Son Bou is both relatively easy and achingly beautiful. 

For activities the whole family can enjoy, the island's small coves and clear waters provide the perfect setting for a spot of snorkelling or scuba, while the possibility of exploring the island on horseback is sure to appeal to the younger members of the family. For something a little more active, there are plenty of opportunities to try watersports such as kayaking and flyboarding, and - for something extra special - even see the island from on high with a go at paragliding.


Fornells, Cala Galdana and Binibeca: the must-sees

There are plenty of places to visit in Menorca, with the island's beaches the obvious draw. And although each has its own charms, the pick of the bunch is perhaps Cala Galdana, where a long curl of soft, ivory sand crescents a beautiful turquoise bay, all fringed by swaying trees and a cascade of pretty white cliffs. 

The quaint village of Binibeca, with its curious white-washed houses and pretty bay, is endlessly charming, while the main towns of Ciutadella and Mahon, provide a fascinating insight into the island's rich history, with reminders of the island's former British status in the latter juxtaposed by the typically Spanish influences of the former. The Torre de Fornells, a 200-year old fortress set next to a pretty beach village in the north of the island, is another highlight. After a visit, some time spent by the harbour of the village sampling the local delicacies and watching the boats gently bobbing on the water is a fine way to spend an afternoon. 

And for those looking to sample the island's famous Gin Xoriguer, there's no better spot than the trendy and unusual Cova d'en Xoroi cave bar in the south of the island. 


Travel on a culinary adventure 

Beyond its stunning landscapes and gorgeous weather, discover a wealth of history behind this Balearic treasure, as well as a culinary culture boasting plenty of classy restaurants and vibrant local dishes, such as the island's famous lobster stew, Mahon cheese and iconic ensaïmada pastry.

Seafood is of course a go-to for this little Mediterranean island and there are plenty of restaurants serving up the day's fresh catch. Cafe Balear in Ciutadella would be a high-end case-in-point, which is popular with locals and tourists alike, although it does tend to become a little busy in the summer months. 

Pastries both sweet and savoury are also typical of Menorca, with the aforementioned ensaimada, joined by cheesy flaons and freshly-made bunuelos on our list of must-tries.

Elsewhere, the gazpacho-like oliaigu and the cod-meatball stylings of bacalao ab burrida are certainly worth sampling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a villa rental in the destination Menorca?

VILLANOVO offers 31 villas in the destination Menorca with prices ranging from 154 € to 5042 € overnight. These rates include travel tips, accompaniment throughout the stay and other options included with the rental of the villa.

How does VILLANOVO select the villas?

VILLANOVO seeks villas offering unique and unforgettable experiences to its occupants. Exceptional geographical location, personalized services, luxury amenities and authenticity of the house are some of the criteria allowing us to add a house to our catalogue. The opinions of holidaymakers and the flexibility of the owners are also taken into account.