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Rent a luxury villa in Sardinia

Unforgettable holidays under the Sardinian sun

Succumb to the charms of Sardinia, a little island south of Corsica, a perfect place to escape. Beaches with fine sand and rocky creeks on the coast, mountains and wild valleys inland make this island a natural, well-preserved splendour. This island, full of character and bathed in sunshine, is proud of its traditions and its folklore. To make the most of your stay, browse our catalogue of villa rentals in Sardinia, located in exclusive areas very close to the most beautiful beaches on the island. These properties, with their typically Sardinian or contemporary architecture, offer an exceptional comfort level and high-quality, customised services. Please don't hesitate to ask our team for advice: we are here to help you to organise the holiday of your dreams in Sardinia.



  1. Sardinia North
  2. Sardinia South

Number of rooms

  1. 4+
  2. 5+
  3. 6+
  4. 7+
  5. 8+

Equipment and Services

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Children welcome
  3. Hammam
  4. Jacuzzi
  5. Private swimming pool
  6. Private parking space
  7. House staff
  8. Direct access to the beach
  9. Direct sea access
5 Villa Villas

Villa Allegra

2 029 € - 3 529 €  per night 4 Bedrooms - 4 Bathrooms
8 persons max.

Sardinia - Sardinia North
250250003 2029 4

Villa Giulia

1 100 € - 2 000 €  per night 4 Bedrooms - 4 Bathrooms
8 persons max.

Sardinia - Sardinia North
250250000 1100 4

Villa Odilia

1 386 € - 2 286 €  per night 4 Bedrooms - 3 Bathrooms
8 persons max.

Sardinia - Sardinia North
250250000 1386 4

Il Faro

Price : Contact us
6 Bedrooms - 7 Bathrooms
12 persons max.

Sardinia - Sardinia South
160160001 0 6

Villa Cavallo

3 036 € - 7 143 €  per night 8 Bedrooms - 6 Bathrooms
16 persons max.

Sardinia - Sardinia North
120120000 3036 8

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Timeless Sardinia

Come and stroll under the hundred-year-old olive trees and the arbutus trees. The landscape is breathtaking: the mountains and wild valleys, the green plains stretching as far as the eye can see. If you move, you can be rocked by the mild echoes of the sea. You have left the wild Sardinia for the bright seaside.

This small "hilly Argentina" will delight lovers of natural landscapes with its authentic character and its raw beauty, where the green of the mountains mixes with the azure of the sea.

Culinary Appointments

You will find here the two great gastronomic schools: the cuisine di terra based on meat and the cuisine di mare based on fish, so there will be a place for all tastes. Among the specialities to be tasted: the sardine pecorino cheese made from sheep's milk or the famous seadas: doughnuts stuffed with sheep cheese. Wine lovers will be delighted to stay in Sardinia as the island offers some excellent bottles such as Malvasia di Bosa, a dry and sweet wine or the renowned Tempio Pausania.

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of a villa rental in the destination Sardinia?

VILLANOVO offers 5 villas in the destination Sardinia with prices ranging from 1100 € to 3036 € overnight. These rates include travel tips, accompaniment throughout the stay and other options included with the rental of the villa.

How does VILLANOVO select the villas?

VILLANOVO seeks villas offering unique and unforgettable experiences to its occupants. Exceptional geographical location, personalized services, luxury amenities and authenticity of the house are some of the criteria allowing us to add a house to our catalog. The opinions of holidaymakers and the flexibility of the owners are also taken into account.