Discover Mauritius by swimming with dolphins

If you plan to fly to Mauritius, swimming with the dolphins will be a dream. To discover these sublime creatures in their natural environment and to immerse yourself in their world is a privileged and unforgettable moment that will become one of your best memories. This unique experience, open to all, takes place not far from the coast in perfect conditions so that you can benefit 100%. Since dolphins are very sociable mammals, you will have no problems in approaching them. Accustomed to the presence of divers, they sometimes even try to entertain them with pirouettes or jumps.

On the island of Mauritius you can discover two different species of dolphins: the "long beak" and the "blower". The "long beak" dolphin lives in large groups of 10 to 100 individuals and can only be seen in the morning when they play or rest, because in the afternoon they go hunting on the high seas for food. The "souffleur" dolphin, the best known, is the least fierce with respect to man and can be easily approached.

Enjoy the unique experience of swimming with dolphins

For this type of excursion the embarkation is always done early in the morning, around 08:00, to be able to benefit from a calm place and to avoid the circulation of boats. Once on board, your guide will give you more explanations about the tour, the types of dolphins encountered and the rules to follow. When the dolphins are spotted, usually 15 or 30 minutes after leaving the coast, you will be equipped with masks, snorkels and fins supplied by your guide. You can then dive into crystal clear water and swim at only one or two metres away from these magnificent creatures!
Swimming with dolphins is usually done on the West side of the island with companies offering different rates depending on the type of excursions they have. The prices can vary from 40 to 100 euros per person, depending on the chosen option. If you are interested in this exceptional activity, Villanovo can put you in touch with agencies that will make sure you have a great time!

Enjoy the unique experience of swimming with dolphins


From 08:00 to 16:00, you will embark on the boat "l'Amistad" in order to meet the dolphins. On the boat, breakfast will be served for you to enjoy your boat trip in serenity and calm.
Masks and snorkels will be given out in the morning so you can swim with the dolphins (although it depends on their good mood).
You will then go visit La Roche Corail where a stop on the island in Bénitiers is planned to enjoy an excellent meal based on grilled or marinated fish (of your choice) but also the possibility of enjoying a vegetarian meal if the order is made in advance.

Adult: 4,000 MUR / person (+/- 100 €)
Child (<12 years): 3,200 MUR / person (+/- 80 €)




It is possible to leave only in the morning to swim with the dolphins and to go scuba diving (from 07:00 to 10:30).
Price: 275 € / boat (boat of 6 persons) - diving equipment included

You can also choose to leave the whole day to enjoy a visit on the island of Bénitiers. Thus, you can discover the beauty of the seabed but also the sublime island which has plenty of charming points of view.

Price: 450 € / boat (boat of 6 people) price including diving equipment and meal (BBQ on Bénitiers island)

The last option is to go by boat for about 3 hours in groups of 6. You will enjoy a privileged time with the dolphins, a scuba-diving excursion to admire the depths, but also a visit to the Morne Brabant lagoon.

Adult: 2,100 MUR / person (52 €)
Child: 1,800 MUR / person (45 €)


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