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Culture and Tradition in the Maldives

A small piece of paradise with a few thousand islands off the south of India, the Maldives is a fascinating destination. The country holds its richness of its incredible nature, but also of its past. Considered an important crossroads in the Indian Ocean, the country's population is diversifying and multiplying. A feature that makes the Maldives interesting.

Culture and Tradition in the Maldives - Maldives

The multiple origins of the Maldives

Established in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives islands are multi-faceted. The culture, traditions and customs of the country are influenced by Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Arab, Persian, Indonesian and even African influences. A fabulous cultural mix that makes all the richness of the Maldives.
In music and dance, for example, you will be surprised to recognise a purely African rhythm. The Boduberu, a traditional Maldivian dance, illustrates this perfectly. The language accompanying this dance, followed by the rhythm of the drums, will take you to East Africa.
Other music as well as some culinary specialties refer to the South African or Indian origins of the Maldivians. The inhabitants of the Maldives consume a lot of spices, including curry. Coconut milk and fish also find their place in the traditional dishes of the country such as in the Roshi.

Daily life in the Maldives

Besides their origins, the other peculiarity of the inhabitants of the Maldives lies in their attachment to the sea. During the day, women take care of the home while men go fishing for tuna. The way of life of the Maldivians depends very much on the sea. When the fishermen return, the inhabitants gather on the beach to collect the catch that will be cooked by the women. In short, sea fishing takes an important place in the economy of the archipelago in addition to tourism.
As for religion, if the Maldivians were originally Buddhist, today Islam is the only religion allowed. You will have the opportunity to contemplate a high number of mosques especially in the capital, Male. The Islamic centre and the sultan's park are among the must-see attractions and will delight lovers of beautiful architecture.
As well as handicrafts, you can bring back from your Maldives trip, braided mats and various jewellery. You will also find beautiful lacquered vases and small wooden boats evoking your beautiful walks in the sea. Also think of bringing back, in your luggage, one of these beautiful shells to keep an inexhaustible memory of your holidays in the Indian Ocean!

Daily life in the Maldives - Maldives

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