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Weather and Climate in Morocco

Morocco is a destination that travellers dream about: between sumptuous palaces, lively and colourful souks, succession of breathtaking landscapes, and endearing and friendly people... It is impossible to have a bad stay in this country of a thousand and one colours! To best plan your holidays, we have designed for you a guide on the weather and climate of Morocco. You have to know that depending on the region, the weather can be radically different.

Weather and Climate in Morocco - Morocco

Coastal Regions

Characterised by a Mediterranean climate, the regions on the coast are characterised by mild weather and a strong sun in spring and autumn. The winter is mild and the summer is hot, like the city of Marrakech.

The green season (or rainy season) is relatively short, it starts in November and ends in January, but outside of these months, the temperature is ideal for the discovery of the country. You will have the chance to be able to do many activities with your children or your friends. Discover an authentic culture, with exquisite gastronomy under radiant weather, all from the threshold of your luxury villa. To push the experience further, you can choose to stay in a sumptuous traditional riad in Morocco.

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In mountainous regions, like the High Atlas, temperatures drop faster and mainly at night. In high mountains, it can sometimes snow, which gives you the opportunity to practice winter activities such as skiing. A unique and original experience.

But outside these areas, the climate is quite hot! Perfect for hiking and exploring the hinterland. However, make sure to cover your head and refresh yourself because the weather can sometimes be stuffy. No matter whether it's hot or cold, our prestigious homes are built with their own pools, sometimes even heated! So you will have the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant swim whatever the temperature.

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