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China in luxury mode

Written on : 24 October 2017
Luxury accommodation in China

Luxury accommodation in China

China is one of Asia's top destinations, full of sights and attractions that rarely leave travellers uninhibited. A luxury stay in China tempts you this year? Discover the Asian Pearl differently and experience unforgettable moments with your loved ones.

China Luxury... Experience unique moments on your next Asian getaway by staying at one of China's finest luxury hotels. It should be noted that these prestigious hotels are generally found in major cities and tourist areas of the country. Know that they are particularly well decorated, in traditional Chinese style mixed with touches of modernity, starting from 3 stars.

Staying in one of these hotels will allow you to enjoy many services and amenities: massage and treatment room, beauty salon, sauna, swimming pool, conference room, concierge, exchange office, transport service, service childcare, tennis court, cleaning service, fitness centre... And that's not all, the rooms in the high-end hotels in China are comfortable: television, comfortable bed and quality mattress, air conditioning, bathtub, telephone, microwave, bar, bathrobes, CD player, safe, iron...

In short, a good holiday in perspective entirely under the sign of calm, comfort and luxury!

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What to see and do during your luxury stay in China?

What to see and do during your luxury stay in China?

China is a unique destination of its kind. Its tasty gastronomy, its cultural richness, its unusual landscapes, its welcoming population, its innumerable tourist sites, its water towns and gardens, its exuberant nature... make it a destination of choice in Asia. There is so much to see and do once there.

In China, the sights and activities are so numerous that a single trip would not be enough to discover everything. During your trip, do not miss the essentials of the country, including the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace, Jiuzhaigou Valley, Temple of the Jade Buddha, Shanghai Tower, Hong Kong Disneyland, Mogao Caves, Suzhou Traditional Gardens...

To discover China differently, here are also some ideas for new activities not to be missed: attend a tea ceremony and enjoy, go around a city by pedicabs, treat yourself to a traditional Chinese massage, introduction to Tai Chi (a Chinese martial art bringing mental and body balance, stamina and relaxation)...