Discover the island of Rodrigues in 1 day

Written on : 19 September 2017
Trip to the heart of the Mascarenes archipelago, off Mauritius

Trip to the heart of the Mascarenes archipelago, off Mauritius

During your stay in Mauritius, let yourself be tempted by a day exploring the island of Rodrigues. 560 kilometres Northeast of her older sister, this pearl of the Indian Ocean is the last African land before Australia. Of volcanic origin, it stands in the heart of a lagoon of 300km², whose crystal clear waters are the delight of the divers.

"Take your time" is the attitude to adopt in Rodrigues! But what to see, what to do on this island where time seems to have stopped? Here are some suggestions that will surely please you!

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Port Mathurin

Port-Mathurin is the capital and the only port of Rodrigues. To the North-East of the island, this welcoming and friendly village lives at a peaceful pace. Here, no stress, no agitation: enjoy it to stroll through its streets lined with brightly coloured stalls and colonial houses. Saturday morning is market day, a meeting place impossible to circumvent around basketry, fruits and vegetables, bathed by spices and scents.

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The Potato Cavern

In the South-Western corner of Rodrigues, the Potato Cavern houses an impressive cave, descending up to 18 metres below sea level. Over 1,000 metres, stalagmites and stalactites succeed one another, where complex geological formations and little imagination take the form of animals or characters. Its name comes from its elongated shape, suggesting a potato.

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St. Gabriel Cathedral

In the heart of the island, the cathedral of Saint-Gabriel is an impressive work dating from 1939, built in basalt. Impossible to miss: this is the largest church in the Indian Ocean, which can accommodate about 2,000 people.

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Hole of Silver

To the East of Rodrigues, let yourself be rocked by the rolling waves in Trou d'Argent creek. It is a charming little beach surrounded by two magnificent cliffs, in front of its name to a local legend: it would appear that in calm weather, a chain at the bottom of the ocean unfolds and leads to a hidden treasure...

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The Pistache Cascade

In the heart of an exuberant nature, the waterfalls are numerous on the island of Rodrigues. Among them, discover the verdant Pistache waterfall, in the North-West of the island, offering a spectacular panorama of the surroundings.

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