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Discover the most beautiful gardens of Marrakech

Written on : 11 November 2022
By : Léa Frémiot
Discover the most beautiful gardens of Marrakech

Visiting Marrakech means immersing yourself in a culture rich in tradition, discovering unique gastronomy and magnificent landscapes with a whole host of majestic monuments, green spaces and spectacular natural sites - not to mention the fabulous cuisine. As you probably already know, at Villanovo, we are in love with Morocco, a destination that we cannot get enough of. So we set out to explore another side of Marrakech: the most beautiful gardens in the city. From the cobalt blue of the famous Majorelle garden to the luxuriant botanical gardens of Ourika, here is our selection of the iconic gardens of Marrakech.

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Discover the most beautiful gardens of Marrakech

Le Jardin Majorelle, Morocco's famous blue garden 

The quintessential garden of Marrakech. You cannot leave your stay without having made a trip to the famous Jardin Majorelle.

Set amidst exotic vegetation this oasis is the ideal place to cool off on hot days. Its Majorelle blue buildings contrast perfectly with the green of the many plants. The garden also houses a Berber museum and the Yves Saint-Laurent memorial. If you look carefully in the garden's pools, you may be lucky enough to spot turtles. This true masterpiece has a singular history. Designed by the painter Jacques Majorelle, the garden was then bought by Yves Saint-Laurent and Pierre Bergé to ensure its preservation. We won't tell you any more about it, and we'll save some of the secrets of this garden for your visit!

Ourika's organic garden - a botanical education awaits

Ourika's organic and aromatic garden is a pioneer in its genre. It is a great site to discover if you are interested in botanical culture and more particularly that of organic plants. There, you will learn in a fun way and through guided tours how plants are cultivated for phytotherapy, the practice of using naturally derived medicines. There are all kinds of plants, including palm trees and those used in Moroccan traditions. Located on the road to Ourika, this charming garden also offers many other activities such as sampling typical Moroccan cuisine and other relaxing activities using herbal medicine.


The Agdal Gardens - the city's oldest garden

The green lungs of Marrakech, the Agdal gardens are believed to be the oldest in the city. These 12th-century gardens are huge orchards of orange, apricot, and olive trees. It is a shady haven of peace where Moroccans like to come and relax at the weekend. Wander along the small paths and let yourself be carried away by the different scents as you admire the Atlas Mountains in the background. Located near the Es Sala basin, an ingenious irrigation system has been put in place to water the gardens.

Discover the most beautiful gardens of Marrakech

Le Jardin de la Menara - a paradise of olive trees

Situated in the Hivernage district, the Jardin de la Menera is THE most popular garden in Marrakech. A green corner where a large variety of olive trees are waiting to be explored. Open every day, it was created in the 12th century and is laid out around a huge pond that serves to irrigate the surrounding olive grove. It is a haven of peace near the medina, where many families like to relax and enjoy the garden's gentle calm. A Saadian pavilion stands within the gardens and is open to visitors.


The Koutoubia gardens - the perfect spot to watch the sunset

Surrounded by the famous Koutoubia Mosque and the national library, the Koutoubia gardens are a small oasis of peace amid the bustle of the city of Marrakech. The Koutoubia gardens are flower gardens where you can encounter an incredible variety of flowers, such as roses or orange trees, lining the main aisles of this delightful area. These gardens are best appreciated at the end of the day when you can really luxuriate as the garden plays host to some magnificent sunsets. An ideal place to pause on a bench after visiting the city's must-sees.


The Cyber Parc Garden (Arsat Moulay Abdessalam) - modernity meets tradition in the Medina

Located a few steps from the unmissable Jemaa El Fna square is a public garden which combines areas of peace and tranquillity with digital entertainment. In fact, terminals with free internet access are available at the four corners of the park. A modern space that has, at the same time, managed to retain its authenticity. Stroll through the alleys and past the diverse array of trees and plants and then settle down in the centre of the garden, where four ponds lay - a peaceful place where locals and tourists can meet and mingle.


Le Jardin Secret - no longer the best kept secret

As you can see, the most beautiful gardens in Marrakech are often near the most important historical monuments. Located in the Medina of Marrakech, the Secret Garden is no exception. The garden has its origins in the Saadian dynasty, when several palaces were built on its grounds. The last building was demolished in the 1930s and the area only found a new purpose in 2008 when the idea of a garden was born. Inspired by 18th-century architecture, the garden has two areas: Islamic and exotic. It is beautifully decorated and has a magnificent fountain as its centrepiece. The secret garden holds exhibitions, offers a place to have a coffee as well as access to a small souvenir shop.

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