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Food to Try While You Are in Morocco

Written on : 15 June 2020
By : Disha Pegu
Food to Try While You Are in Morocco

The gastronomy of a place is another adventure just like all the other activities you plan during your vacation. Indulge into the absolute mouth-watering North African cuisine during your stay in Morocco. Although there is an exhaustive list of dishes to try in Morocco, we have compiled the 6 main dishes not to be missed at all. The food in Morocco is as colorful and full of life as the city of Morocco. The style of cooking in Morocco is subtle and flavoursome. Inspired by its neighbours Andalusia, France and Arabia, Moroccan cuisine is a blend of spices and extremely delicate culinary techniques.

Food to Try While You Are in Morocco

Morocco was part of the famous spice route, so even in its most common diets, generously scented spicy foods are common. Couscous is made from tiny grains of wheat or barley similar to rice or quinoa. It is usually prepared by Moroccan households, with lots of vegetables and meat. A huge pyramid of couscous is stacked on top of deliciously flavoured vegetables and meat. Lamb, beef or chicken are used with a variety of vegetables. It is garnished with raisins, coriander or parsley.
As far as Moroccan cuisine is concerned, tagine takes its full pride. It is a slow-cooked dish made from chicken, lamb or beef, accompanied by a variety of vegetables. The most fascinating thing about tagine is the pot in which it is cooked. It is cooked in a traditional ceramic or terracotta dish with a funnel-shaped lid with an opening at the top and a round base. The meat and vegetables are arranged conically to match the dish in which it is cooked, and it is cooked until tender. Tagine is served in the same dish in which it is cooked and is usually eaten directly with bread.
It is a well-known Moroccan soup that is served as a starter but can also be eaten as a meal usually accompanied by bread. Harira is a tomato-based soup containing chickpeas, lentils, vegetables and meat. The soup is also combined with rice and fine broken noodles. Traditionally this soup is a popular dish during Ramadan as a dish which is used to end the fast. But it is also served in all Moroccan restaurants and also street-vendors.
It is one of the most exquisite dishes of Morocco inspired by Farsi cuisine. Layers of paper-thin pastries with tenderly cooked pigeon meat, accompanied by an omelette made of fresh herbs and a generous portion of fried almonds. This dish is both sweet and savory, giving you a unique gastronomic sensation. Bastilla is also cooked with chicken. This pie will not fail to surprise you and is without a doubt one of the dishes to choose from in a queue.
Mint Tea
Known as "Moroccan Whisky", this tea is hugely popular. It is highly loaded with sugar derived from sugar cane. Mint tea is made from green tea and is stuffed with mint leaves. The typical way to serve the tea is to pour it from the height from the teapot onto glass cups. The bubbles that form when the tea is poured from this height make it light and airy. Mint tea is taken before a meal, after a meal and also generally throughout the day.
It is a sweet and savoury puff pastry wrapped in thin (fila) dough. Similar to the Indian samosa, Briouat is usually made with a filling of chicken, lamb or beef. But it is also made with simple cheese and vegetables. It is served as an appetizer most of the time but can also be eaten as snacks. Briouats are also served as desserts with a sweet filling of nuts drizzled with honey.
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