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Kea: a calm island that’s a short distance from Athens

Written on : 26 February 2018
Kéa: serenity and conviviality

Kéa: serenity and conviviality

The island of Kea is located in the Cyclades near the peninsula of Athens (Cape Sounion). The island is a calm compromise for visitors who love serenity but do not want to give up the friendly atmosphere of the cafes and Greek taverns in the evening (especially in Youlis and Koundouros). Villanovo offer you beautiful villas for 4 to 12 people to discover the island of Kea.

The island is very popular with sailboats, offering an absolutely ideal pleasure. The many beaches and coves of the island are easily accessible by the sea. The Port Vourkari in the North of the island is the unifying place of the sailboats. It is a very nice fishing village turned towards the port and the marina.

You will dock at the main port of Korissia (Livadi), then join your villa located on the seafront in Melissaki, Koundouros or Sykamia. Youlis, the capital, is in the centre of the island and was located to historically protect pirate bandits who came to plunder the Greek islands. The dwellings have a peculiarity compared to the other islands: the roofs are tiled instead of the usual blankets with white lime and terraces.

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Tasty gastronomy and activities in the sun

Tasty gastronomy and activities in the sun

Sports activities are focused on the sea and beaches: all water sports are represented except scuba diving. Sailing is very active as well as fishing by the sea and on board. On the beaches, you can embark on a wild game of beach volleyball. The most famous beaches are Otzias, Koundouros and Korissia. The bays accessible on foot such Agios Filippos are pleasant and often deserted.

For lovers of walks in nature, two green valleys can be found in the centre of the island: olive trees, vineyards, oaks, almond trees, fruit trees and cypresses). The island is mountainous (the highest peaks reach 500m of altitude).

The emblem of the island is the Lion of Kea (located Northeast of the city of Ioulis), it is a sculpture eroded by time that represents a lion of 9 metres carved into the rock.

Gastronomy is good: sausages, paspala (traditional pork dish, honey sweets, local wine, and cheese).

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