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Koufonissia: charm, timelessness and dynamism

Written on : 13 October 2017
A place with undeniable charm

A place with undeniable charm

Koufonissia is a couple of islands: Epano Koufonisia and Kato Koufonissi. Only the first is inhabited all year, the second is the opportunity to take the boat to Chora (the only town of Epano where our villas are located) to beautiful nature and beaches of beauty. Epano is not left out on the beaches and you can totally enjoy the sea from this island.

Epano is small (4km²) and has very little traffic, it is quiet but also cosmopolitan. The main resources are fishing and tourism. The city of Chora (capital) is typically built as a Cycladic city with its white walls, the sea view with a turquoise blue background and shaded walkways. You will be pleasantly surprised by the bars and the interesting nightlife for adults.

The monuments are few but interesting enough to sprinkle your holiday with cultural moments: two churches (St George and Saint Nicholas), an archaeological site (Keros), an art gallery... The many beaches are very easily accessible. Our favourites? The Bay of Pori, Finikas, Fanos, Xarokopou and for the amateurs of nudism the Platia of Pounda.

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Holidays and luxury stays

Holidays and luxury stays

The island is very strongly marked by local religious or traditional festivals. In April, the Saint George, in June the traditional fishermen's festival, Easter, the traditional festival of the island with its fireworks, and the wedding party in summer. The island flares up on its occasions and you can attend many processions and taste the festive dishes.

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