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Maha Shivaratri - the biggest Hindu festival in Mauritius

Written on : 27 February 2018
A long-awaited party

A long-awaited party

It is the festival that Hindus wait all year for in Mauritius. For 10 days, we prepare, we do not eat meat, we remain chaste to celebrate the meeting of Shiva and Parvati. Shiva is one of the four gods represented in the Swastika (wheel of eternity). Shiva is the terrible god. Contradictory, it is the god of war and love for Hindus (destruction and creation).

The faithful arrive on the day in procession from Bois Cheri to the sacred lake, Grand Bassin. In groups, the pilgrims, dressed in white, carry their kanwar on their shoulders which has been carefully prepared: this kind of altar or arch traditionally built in bamboo, is decorated with red and white paper flowers, multicoloured bells, garlands, small mirrors and representations of Shiva.

A visit to Mauritius then becomes an astonishing visit during this period. Carried away by the fervence of Hindu believers, your journey will leave you with a unique flavour.

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