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Popular festivals not to be missed in Mauritius

Written on : 10 April 2018
Festivals to soak up the Creole atmosphere

Festivals to soak up the Creole atmosphere

Mauritius is a truly unmissable and thrilling destination. You will notice that its tourist calendar is full of national and international events throughout the year. They are religious, cultural and artistic. Attend at least one festival on the island to be able to soak up the Creole atmosphere. Here are some festivals that should not be missed.

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The Diwali Festival in Mauritius

The Diwali festival is a really popular holiday in Mauritius. It is also known as the festival of light and happiness. This festival marks, for the Hindu inhabitants, the victory of Rama (the good) against Ravana (evil). It is a moment for them to share and be generous to have God's blessing. Triolet is apparently the place where the festival operates the most.

On this occasion, the streets, walls, houses, balconies, windows and courtyards are decorated with flowers, colourful garlands and illuminated with a multitude of small lanterns, lamps and candles. This traditional Hindu event is also an opportunity for many Mauritians to prepare some delicious specialities, including the famous sweet potato cake with coconut. Women wear their most beautiful sari (traditional clothing), with the front embellished with a tilak brand. Your trip to Mauritius promises a lot of surprises!

The Kreol International Festival

The Kreol International Festival takes place in several locations across the island. This year, it is already the 12th edition that will take place in November. This event will be presented in order to promote tourism and especially to promote Creole culture through music (traditional sega, java, rumba...), theatre, Creole language, painting, local cuisine, among other facets such as movies and conferences.

Indeed, the Creole will be in the spotlight of this event highlighting the "Creolity" and "Unity". The festival will be closed with four major concerts on the Port-Louis side, on the Mont-Choisy beach, on Taxis square in Flacq, as well as at the Bambous stadium. Many local and Indian Ocean artists will participate in the concert.

The Porlwi by Light Festival

It is a cultural event that takes place in early December from 19:00 to midnight in Port Louis. This festival particularly highlights the capital, but also the talents and the artists of the country through works of all kinds referring to the cultural and artistic action. On the programme, there are concerts and musical performances of quality, facilities and projections in colour to the breathtaking plastic arts, murals, exhibitions, culinary arts...

All this will be presented in the streets of Port Louis in a magical atmosphere in front of a large audience. Note that this year's theme focuses on nature, hence its name "Porlwi to the Nature". The ambition of the festival is to make the public aware of the importance of the green space in the world.

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