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Selection of museums for a cultural trip to Marrakech

Written on : 17 June 2020
By : Léa Frémiot

Want to fly to sunny Marrakech for a trip full of discoveries with your loved ones? Visiting Morocco is discovering a charming country, with beautiful landscapes and traditions rooted in the national culture. It also means discovering a multitude of monuments and a rich history. Why not take advantage of your stay to combine relaxation and a cultural experience by visiting the city's best museums? Discover our selection now!
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Selection of museums for a cultural trip to Marrakech

Museum of Art and Culture 

This private museum named MACMA is a real nugget to discover Moroccan works of all kinds tracing the history of the country and the development of its rich culture. This recent museum was created in 2016 thanks to the impulse of a collector and gallery owner Nabil El Mallouki who carefully selected paintings, photographs and sculptures of Moroccan origin. Through the different rooms of this contemporary design museum, you will discover different themes allowing you to cross eras but also to discover works of art from all times, all in an intimate atmosphere. 

Berber Museum 

It is in the heart of the magnificent Majorelle garden that you will discover the Berber museum which was created in the former painting workshop of Jacques Majorelle in 2011. This museum accurately retraces the destiny of the oldest people of North Africa through more than 600 historical objects collected by Pierre Bergé and Yves Saint Laurent, passionate about these people. You will also see many ornaments that were very important in the identity and social class of these people. This museum, as well as the garden surrounding it, is an unmissable stage of your stay in Marrakech! 

Tiskiwin Museum

We now set off on a journey through the Sahara, Marrakech and then Timbuktu with a visit to the Tiskiwin Museum. The latter highlights the lives of the people who have been and still are using this route for centuries. You will be as captivated by the typical Moroccan architecture of the museum as by the treasures found there. Whether through celebrations of life, markets or the social organization of these different peoples, you will discover their ways of life throughout history and constantly on the roads of North Africa.

Selection of museums for a cultural trip to Marrakech

National Museum of Moroccan Carpet and Weaving

Would you like to find out more about this magnificent tradition? Go to the Medina of Marrakech where you will find the Dar Si Said Palace which houses this must-see museum. Following major renovations, the museum reopened its doors in 2018 for our viewing pleasure. As its name suggests, this museum promotes the ancestral know-how of weaving and teaches you the techniques of this craft often passed down from generation to generation. You will also discover sumptuous collections of Moroccan or Berber carpets with pieces from all regions.

Farid Belkahia Museum

Finally, if you enjoy painting you can't miss this museum under any circumstances. This museum created in honour of Farid Belkahia, one of the most famous contemporary painters of Morocco is a real jewel. You will find within it the different periods and artistic influences of the artist's works. Numerous unique pieces await you, whose materials mix ancient and modern for magnificent collections whose originality is sometimes even disturbing. Thus, it is a great diversity of works that you will discover for a visit that you will not regret!
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