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September, the ideal time to visit the Mediterranean basin

Written on : 24 July 2019
By : Clarisse Haurogné

Many travellers prefer the months of July and August to go on holiday in search of sunshine and relaxation. Some cities empty while others fill with visitors, beaches become crammed and terraces get crowded. The Mediterranean basin is a perfect example of this, receiving thousands of tourists from all over the world every year. 

Although July and August are undoubtedly the preferred months to travel, there are more and more people preferring to travel in September. If you have no constraints in terms of work or the start of the school year, September has many advantages that will perhaps change your mind.

The sun is soft and pleasant

The sun is soft and pleasant

In September, the sun is still very much present as summer extends until mid-September. There is still time to sunbathe and enjoy the crystal-clear and dreamy beaches of the Mediterranean basin. Plus, what's more? You won't have to smear yourself every hour with sunscreen without ending up like a crayfish or wanting to take refuge as soon as possible in air-conditioned stores to escape the extreme heat. The sun is still there in September but burns much less than in the middle of summer. Guaranteed top tanning!

If you like to discover the cultural and natural heritage, September is also an ideal time to visit the regions of the Mediterranean basin. Cities become less hectic which allows for better appreciation of architecture and monuments. It is also much easier to go hiking in the mountains or on the coast because the sun's rays are no longer as aggressive as during the high season.

The crowds have deserted the area

The crowds have deserted the area

With the start of the school year, many families return from holidays before September to be able to prepare their children's school supplies and others go back to work. If you don't like crowds of people, September is for you. Noise, stress, lack of space at the beach, endless queues or traffic jams on the road are all gone. September is an opportunity to rediscover holiday destinations in a new light as they become much more accessible. It is said that it is in September that the light is most beautiful, making cities even more beautiful and mysterious. 

Fewer tourists mean more availability from locals and staff. The latter are much more relaxed in September after seeing a decrease in visitor flows and are therefore more approachable.

The prices are more appealing

The prices are more appealing

At the beginning of September, we move into the low season. Prices begin to fall and good deals are multiplied. Promotions on holiday rentals, discounted train tickets or plane tickets at half the price of August, all savings that will allow you to travel at more reasonable prices. 

You will also have much less of a problem with availability in terms of accommodation, activities or transport. The perfect opportunity to do what you want when you want. 

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Our favorites

Our favorites

The Mediterranean basin has fascinating destinations, small corners of natural paradise and architectural treasures. Leaving in September will allow you to discover these regions in complete freedom without suffering from the strong heat and the constant influx of summer visitors. Villanovo has selected for you its three favourite destinations in and around the Mediterranean area to guide you to the most beautiful destinations for a trip in September.


Temperatures generally remain quite high in September in Marrakech with an average temperature of around 30°C. The sun's rays are slightly less intense compared to August, although the high temperatures are still present throughout the day for the entire month. The alleys of the ochre city then are more pleasant and breathable, an ideal temperature to visit and discover the many wonders of Marrakech. Garden outings, outdoor activities and visits of all kinds also become more pleasant and comfortable. 

This is therefore an opportunity to discover the Medina, the ancient city of Marrakech and its many monuments such as the famous Jemaa El Fna square or the majestic Koutoubia mosque, or for nature lovers to let themselves be tempted by a walk in the palm grove before venturing into the orange hills of the Moroccan desert. 


The Island of Beauty bears its name well and attracts visitors every year for its extraordinary landscapes. Summer visitors come in droves to conquer the Corsican mountains, and the wild beaches and coves with crystal clear waters. However, the late season in Corsica has a completely different character and the island becomes particularly fascinating in September. Temperatures are gradually starting to drop but the sun is still shining and the days are still hot.  Mornings are cooler and the average temperature in the afternoon is 26°C. The sea is also always pleasant with an average temperature of 23°C. 

With such mild temperatures and tourists having deserted the place, September will allow you to discover the many mysteries of Corsica in all serenity. Take your camera and discover the Scandola Nature Reserve, which is very crowded in summer and peaceful in September, not to mention the creeks of Piana. Enjoy a relaxing session on the beautiful fine sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and come back with a beautiful tanned complexion. 


Provence, a beautiful region of contrasting colours with a singing accent, lavender scents and melodious cicadas. With its impressive historical, cultural and natural heritage, Provence is the ideal destination to escape for a few days, so what better way to escape than to leave in September to enjoy the mild temperatures!

This is the opportunity to meet the white horses and black bulls of the Camargue Regional Nature Park, admire the Italian Baroque architecture of Aix-en-Provence and its thermal springs, walk along the narrow streets and old stone squares of Arles, stroll around Avignon, the former city of the Popes, or discover the Gorges du Verdon, the most impressive in Europe.