Top 11 of the most beautiful luxury villas with a home cinema room

Written on : 01 November 2017

The Villanovo selection of the most prestigious properties with a home theatre: evenings well spent!

Cinema lovers will be delighted: some of our most beautiful villas have their own room dedicated to the 7th art! Enjoy the luxury of watching movies of your choice in the comfort of your luxury home, whatever your holiday destination. Always furnished and tastefully decorated, home theatres are the promise of a pleasant time with family or friends around the film you have chosen together. Some of the owners have even provided unlimited Netflix access so that everyone can find the "movie moment" that suits them, both children and parents. Discover the most beautiful cinema rooms among Villanovo rentals.

Chalet des Marmottes - Courchevel

Pleasure, refinement, excellence and rarity... a French way of life unveiling a new dimension of luxury. Chalet des Marmottes offers large spaces and equipment among the most modern in terms of technology. The must of this luxurious 8 bedroom chalet is without a doubt the movie theatre. The room is designed as a real cinema, for your comfort. Relax after a good day out in this sublime room dedicated to the 7th art.

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Mas des Baux - Provence

Perched at the top of a cliff, in the vicinity of Bukit, this luxury villa is one of the most beautiful properties in the region. The rooms are oriented so that every morning you can be awakened by the sun's rays. You will have the luxury of relaxing in the thick black leather chairs, watching an animated film or an action movie. You can take DVDs of your choice with you to watch your favourite movies.

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Villa Contenta - Miami

Red velvet and quilted armchairs, this home theatre room is a real celebration of art, because it takes the codes of the large auditoriums with its dim lights, its elegant red velvet and heavy curtain in front of the projection screen. A real speaker system will immerse you in the heart of the action of your film, for a moment of incredible relaxation with family or friends, in an elegant lounge.

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Chalet Jade - Méribel

After a day crisscrossing the slopes of one of the largest and most elegant resorts in the Alps, what better way to spend the evening than watching a movie together? This is what Chalet Jade offers with its dedicated room. Built in wood, with ceiling lights, large comfortable sofas, a high definition screen and the latest audio system. Choose a movie from the extensive DVD library or watch the latest sports news on TV.

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Villa Hin - Koh Samui

A wide choice of international films, a soundproof room, a quality audio system... a great moment of cinema awaits you in this marvellous villa in Thailand. Children will be able to watch their favourite movie and have a good laugh in this adapted room. Villa Hin is a perfect haven of peace inspired by the natural geological formation, as you are outdoors contemplating the breathtaking scenery, or indoors in the movie theatre, a getaway in this luxurious villa is a real treat.

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Château de Candice - Perche

In the regional park of Perche, stand atypical buildings, a space of refinement, peace and serenity: The Château de Candice. This elegant 19th century castle is an ideal place for a weekend of escape or family vacation. It is impossible to live the castle life while enjoying the best of home cinema. This exceptional room will give you the impression of arriving in the heart of a real cinema to watch the movie you have chosen.

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Villa Lhotse - High Atlas

Villa Lhotse overlooks the shores of Lake Bin El Ouidane at the foot of the Atlas Mountains. It is the work of an architect and a landscaper who wanted to erect a contemporary house with clean lines, perfectly integrated into its environment. To make you feel more comfortable in this exceptional villa, a large projection screen with a large selection of DVDs is at your disposal so you can relax around a good movie.

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Villa Heritage 1 - Mauritius

Close to the Bel Ombre golf course and surrounded by magnificent landscapes, this villa is set amidst 200 hectares of tropical vegetation. Immerse yourself in the intimate universe of this luxury resort offering a refined environment combined with a 5-star service: daily maintenance of the villa, golf cart to move on the field, concierge and butler service and many other benefits available à la carte! The place to be is the living room, with a flat screen and an on-demand selection of international films. Perfect to relax after a day of discovery of Mauritius, or activities by the swimming pool in paradise.

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Villa 820 - Ibiza

Amazing by its modern and elegant design, this house is nestled in an incredible natural landscape, enjoying a breathtaking sea view. You will have the chance to visit the must-see Ibiza, the pearl of the Balearic Islands, while enjoying the luxury and comfort of home. On the ground floor, you will find a sublime futuristic cinema room with a screen that comes out of the ceiling on demand, from Sky TV and Apple TV. In this way children and adults will always find the ideal film for a moment of relaxation or fun.

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Villa Costelas - Marrakech

Close to the Amelkis golf course, this upscale house offers quality services for holidaymakers: private steam room, private pool, house staff as well as stoves. The cooks can prepare you lunch or dinner composed of the best specialties of the rich Moroccan gastronomy: Savour excellent tajines, couscous and Moroccan salads, or international cuisine.

Everything is set up for you to spend the most pleasant holidays possible. Most of this property is the cinema room, with its comfortable leather cushions but also its fireplace, ideal for the cooler evenings.

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Villa Emerald - Algarve

One of the most stunning and prestigious villas in Vale do Lobo, Villa Emerald has 6 very modern rooms. It is located within walking distance of the best restaurants, including superb beach restaurants, and acres of sandy beach.

In the same style, the room that houses the home theatre is very modern, with the latest technology in terms of screen and sound system. Take a seat in the comfy soft sofas and enjoy your relaxing time with your children or friends.

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