What to pack before going on vacation so you don’t forget anything

Written on : 20 October 2017

Your checklist before going on holiday in a luxury villa

Going on vacation is a moment that enchants the whole family: the joy of discovering a new destination, the prospect of staying in an upscale home, the happiness of being together to enjoy unique moments... but in the excitement of the moment, it is possible to forget many essential things to spend a peaceful trip.

Villanovo have created a checklist for you so that you do not forget anything and leave with a clear conscience.

What to do before you leave

It is important that you do not forget anything before exploring new horizons. So here are some recommendations to remember important things before you leave.

> Read our destination guides to know some information before leaving
> Check the validity of passports
> Make photocopies of your passports and other important documents
> Inquire and take out the necessary insurance
> Prepare a playlist for the trip

What to put in your hand luggage?

In your hand luggage you will need all the important items that will be useful during your trip and that you need to reach easily for passing through security.

> Do not leave without your passport and any photocopies
> Tickets and / or flight bookings
> Liquids
> Your phone
> Your music player
> A small guide of the destination to read during the trip

Do not forget in your suitcase

You will find in your suitcase everything that will be useful during your dream vacation. So be sure not to forget anything so that you do not miss anything once on site.

> An adapter, if you go to a destination that uses different outlets
> A camera
> A first aid kit
> Soap bag
> Adapted clothing
> A pair of sneakers
> The chargers for your electronic devices

Do not forget to print your Villanovo checklist

to do before going on vacation