Taroudant is not called “Petite Marrakech” by accident. Its impressive ramparts with decorated rammed-earth square towers are just some of its many aspects causing it to resemble its neighbour in the north. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Taroudant as you amble through the alleyways of its medina and visit its souks, as well as the tannery where you’ll discover all the secrets of its leather production.

Encircled by the mountain ranges of the High Atlas to the North and the Anti-Atlas to the South, Taroudant is the perfect destination for lovers of excursions and authentic countryside. Enjoy yourself with a picnic in the village of Tiout, about 20 km from the town, an oasis that hosts a luscious palm grove and beautiful orchards.

Find a dream pied-à-terre for discovering the charm and authenticity of this town thanks to VillaNovo and our list of villas rentals in Taroudant. Whether it’s traditional or contemporary architecture, an intimate or lively atmosphere, for a stay to suit you our consultants have a wide choice of riads and luxury villas to offer at the heart of the medina and in the Taroudant neighbourhood.

Villanovo is much more than a reservation service and is also at your side as you organize your stay. What’s the “bit extra” we offer? Our teams are ready to advise you on tailor-made holidays and are delighted to assist you with what the region has to offer. Depending on your requirements, additional services are also available, such as domestic staff and car rental. 

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Villa Riad Hessein, Rental in Taroudant

Riad Hessein

Taroudant - 3 Bedrooms
Villa Villa Talaa, Rental in Taroudant

Villa Talaa

Taroudant - 11 Bedrooms
Villa Le Moulin, Rental in Taroudant

Le Moulin

Taroudant - 6 Bedrooms
Villa La Tour des Faucons, Rental in Taroudant

La Tour des Faucons

Taroudant - 9 Bedrooms

Villa Enzo - Marrakech

10/03/2017 - 17/03/2017

«Location; spacious property; friendly staff; views from property Villanovo : Very good overall. Responsive staff. Concierge in Marrakech very responsive too. Professional service»

Riad Laurence Olivier - Marrakech

11/05/2016 - 18/05/2016

«Magnificent villa in an working class area of the medina. Great staff and fabulous decor. »

La Villa de Catherine - Essaouira

04/09/2012 - 18/09/2012

«The atmosphere, the house, the staff, service and the food. The house is spacious with plenty of privacy, intimate rooms, nicely decorated, wonderful pool and terrace, the pool was very suitable for o...»

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