An eco-responsible partnership

A tree for you

The organisation

A Tree for You is a registered charity (law 1901) which helps individuals and businesses support tree planting projects in France and around the world


The initiatives developed by
A Tree for You

A Tree for You promotes trees in all territories, with the aim of preserving and improving the environment, increasing employment and quality of life, as well as fostering global and intergenerational social bonds through the passing on of a living, lasting, symbolic legacy.

An eco-responsible partnership

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Biodiversity protected

The tree shelters and feeds many animal species, fungi and useful bacteria,
therefore contributing to a richer biodiversity.
In agroforestry, trees make it possible to limit the use of insecticides or fungicides by encouraging the presence of auxiliary species

Enriched soil

The tree is involved in the replenishment and restructuring of the soil
by capturing atmospheric CO2, nourishing soil life and anchoring itself to the soil with its roots.
In this way, it helps to combat soil degradation, impoverishment and erosion.
The tree, in association with other plants, is thus an effective means of countering desertification.

Cimate soothed

The tree captures CO2 and uses it to build its trunk, branches, leaves and roots. It helps to store it in the soil, thus combating the greenhouse effect.
The tree species planted are chosen for their ability to adapt to climate change.
By cooling the local microclimate, it improves the well-being of humans and livestock and supports certain crops in hot climates.

Local populations served

Trees, combined with agroforestry crops or grown in forests under sustainable conditions, contribute to the creation of jobs in these regions. As a result, the local populations become the prime protectors of the plantations.

Water recycled

A tree regulates the water cycle.
It promotes drainage into the soil, thereby reducing the risk of flooding and erosion.
It also evaporates a significant part of it, creating a cooler and more humid local microclimate.


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