Sailing in Île de Ré

Sailing lovers? Take this opportunity on the Ile de Ré where the activity is very famous. Its many beaches have allowed nautical centers to settle all around the island, including the center of sails. Windy and exposed to the Atlantic swell, it has the perfect climate to slide on the waves! We offer a selection of different clubs where you can go on a ride, but also where your child and you can learn to sail in the company of professionals. Let yourself be tempted by this local experience!

Nautical Center of Ars en Ré (CNAR)

27 quai de la criée - 17590 Ars en Ré +33 5 46 29 23 04

The CNAR offers a range of activities: Optimists, windsurfing, dinghies but also catamarans. Labeled French School of Sailing, the center guarantees a teaching and accompaniment of quality. Presenting a variety of programs, its learning part will satisfy the whole family.

- For sensations lovers: Let yourself be involved in the "project sensation". Guided by an instructor, you will burn the steps to go directly to thrills, of course, always safe, thanks to suitable supports and adjusted according to the conditions of navigation of the day.

- For those favorising the technique: Join the "performance project" where you can perfect your technique and learn to understand the water.

- For explorers of the island: The "exploration project" is for you! Go find the coves and the nooks of the water by navigating in natural perimeters where you will discover the resources of the island. Within this program, the "Moussaillon" activities are specially adapted for your children.

School sailing hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 17:00

You can also rent equipment ready to sail which guarantees a perfect state. The experts will advise you to propose material adapted to your level.
Variable prices

Nautical Center of Ars en Ré (CNAR)

L’Île de Ré Voile

Plage des Prises / Bois Henri IV - 17670 La Couarde sur Mer +33 6 50 89 62 89
Plage Gros Jonc - 17580 Le Bois-Plage en Ré +33 6 60 45 13 02
Plage de la Petite Tonille - 17111 Loix +33 6 60 35 38 44

L’Île de Ré Voile offers the choice by owning three different clubs located in La Couarde, Le Bois Plage and Loix. They propose you:

- Collective and private lessons of sailing, but also surfing, paddle, and kayak (according to the center) adapted to all levels, beginners, as regulars wanting to improve. They are supervised by qualified instructors who guarantee a safe learning

Sailboat rentals but also kayak and catamaran (depending on the center).


L’Île de Ré Voile