Yoga classes in Marrakech: relaxation in the red city

During a vacation the main objective is to relax, disconnect from the world and get away from the stress of everyday life. Therefore, we want to offer you the experience of practicing yoga in Marrakech and discover all the benefits that it can bring. On those days off your body deserves to be heard, so do not hesitate to try this perfect discipline to improve circulation, achieve greater flexibility and resistance and control breathing, among many other advantages. Yoga awaits you in the red city!

Although it is possible to practice yoga individually, the truth is that doing it with a specialist is the best way to know what practices work with each type of person. The father of modern yoga, Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, already said: "Teach what is appropriate for an individual". That is something that the professionals who will guide the classes take care of. Do you aim to prove this discipline in which absolute relaxation is a mantra?

Yoga classes: disconnection from the world

One on One YOGA in Marrakech (private or semi-private) can be moved to your villa. Classes incorporate pranayama, preparation, sun salutation, strengthening, stretching and meditation. The sequences go from the general to the specific, from the postures of the legs and the balance of the arms, to the combinations of said sequences. Yoga is a constantly evolving method unique to each practitioner. The individual yoga sessions allow a revelation of our unique yoga practice. And, on the other hand, private sessions are excellent for understanding the basics for beginners.

1 - 2 people: €75
3 - 4 people: €90
4 - 6 people: €100
7 - 8 people: €110
9 - 10 people: €120

*Mats included

Yoga classes: disconnection from the world

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