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10 things to do in Morocco

Morocco, a meeting place for holidaymakers and landscape lovers, both arid and exotic, offers its visitors many surprises! A stay in Morocco would not be complete if you don't take a short stroll to some of the natural and historical sites that give this wonderful country its reputation.

10 things to do in Morocco - Morocco

1. Visit Marrakech

Marrakech is a subtle blend of colour and spicy scents whose exotic smells are only slightly softened by the wind of the sea breezing gently through the palm trees. On one side of the city you have sand dunes blushing in the setting sun, majestic palaces and the souks adorned with red, yellow and orange. On the other you'll find displays of warm colours, oases of greenery watered by small streams or even man-made features, such as one of the extensive golf courses.

2. The city of Tangier

Tangier is an unmissable destination in Morocco. A stay would not be complete without a tour around the edge of Tangier, which shelters a magnificent bay opposite the Straits of Gibraltar. The object of many conquerors since antiquity, Tangier has become a cosmopolitan crossroads which is home to many historical treasures such as the Medina of Tangier.

2. The city of Tangier - Morocco

3. A moment of relaxation

It's imperative to find the time to enjoy a steam bath in a Hammam during your holiday in Morocco. Whichever city you visit, you're sure to find one of these sumptuous public baths which are often installed within the riads.

4. The city of Rabat

The capital city of Morocco, Rabat is a place where everything seems designed to help you relax. Also enhanced by an interesting number of historic sites, such as the Kasbah of the Oudaïas or the mausoleum of Mohammed V, the port city of Rabat boasts a coastline of 60 km where you can indulge in your favourite nautical activities or simply sunbathe on its sandy beaches.

4. The city of Rabat - Morocco

5. Discover the Atlas Mountains

If discovering the historical vestiges of Morocco is something to enthral, then a stopover at Atlas Mountains is something else entirely! Hiking enthusiasts will also enjoy strolling within the heart of a preserved site unveiling the highest mountains of North Africa. The Atlas Mountains also remain an excellent starting point for exploring the valley of Ourika, located not far from the city of Marrakech. You'll find charming little Berber villages where you can enjoy some horse riding.

6. Try some local dishes

As for foodies, they're invited to taste or even prepare one of the most famous dishes of Morocco: the tagine. It's in Essaouira that you'll have the privilege of observing how Moroccans concoct this delicious dish with its spicy flavours. But before talking about cooking, a little wander around the souks is a must. Camel riding over the sand dunes, visiting historical monuments, a small round of golf on one of the prestigious courses of Marrakech, swimming in the crystal clear waters are all things you can do during your stay in Morocco.

6. Try some local dishes - Morocco

7. Stroll around the souks

The souks combine energy, colour, and a festive atmosphere. Take the time to stroll around the souks and witness the explosion of colours and flavours at each stall. Here you can pick up souvenirs to bring home with you and maybe even pick up a bargain. Wander around and get lost in the maze of colours and embrace the atmosphere of this unique experience.

8. Witness the beauty of the coastline

Witness the beauty of the Moroccan coastline for yourself and enjoy the mild climate and incredible natural heritage Morocco has to offer. Enjoy lazing on the golden beaches or take a walk through the nearby villages where you will discover culture, history and nature. Try your hand at some of the nautical activities available at the seaside. The picturesque coastline is a must see on a trip to Morocco.

8. Witness the beauty of the coastline - Morocco

9. Ride a camel in the desert

A trip to Morocco would not be complete without going for a ride on a camel. Stroll through the Agafay desert on the back of these incredible creatures and see a different side of Morocco. Immerse yourself in ths cultural experience and discover a unique way of life in the heart of the desert.

10. Participate in a kitchen workshop

Discover an unique culinary experience by participating in a kitchen workshop. Recognise Moroccan flavours & learn how to cook tajines and other specialties of Marrakech. You will learn about typical Moroccan cuisine and can learn recipes to make at home. Pay a visit to the souks to pick up all the spices and ingredients to take home with you and bring Moroccan specialities to your dining room table. 

10. Participate in a kitchen workshop - Morocco

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