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A Guide to Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan gastronomy is rich and tasty, and bursting with colour and flavour. Classified as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity, Moroccan cuisine includes a large number of mouth-watering dishes that merge influences from several regions of the world.

A Guide to Moroccan Cuisine - Morocco

The Savoury Dishes of Morocco


With olive oil, spices, semolina, meat and vegetables, couscous comes in a range of flavours and is one of Morocco's most recognised dishes. Served in a couscoussier, it is as much an everyday meal as one for celebration. Although its origins are disputed, couscous is undoubtedly the flagship dish of Morocco.


Originating in Spain, pastilla was originally made from pigeon meat surrounded by leaves similar to brik leaves. Primarily served on special occasions, you can find this Moroccan dish in top restaurants. Today, pastilla has been brought up to date and can be prepared with other meats and even with fish or shellfish. One of the signature dishes of Moroccan gastronomy - not to be missed.

A Guide to Moroccan Cuisine - Morocco


Of Berber origin, this traditional dish is served in a terracotta dish bearing the same name. Generous and tasty, tagines are a convivial dish that is usually shared with the family. Tagines are prepared with vegetables and meat to which many spices are added. An emblematic dish of Moroccan cuisine, this stew is a real treat for your taste buds!


Honey and almonds are the star products of Moroccan pastry-making, and these ingredients are found in most Moroccan specialities.


A type of pancake made of flour, semolina, yeast and soaked in honey. This thin Berber crumpet can be served with a cup of tea or coffee.


A dry cake made from flour, sugar, honey, eggs and yeast to which raisins and almonds are added.

Gazelle ankles

A pastry in the shape of a half moon made with almonds, sugar, cinnamon and orange blossom.


A cake identifiable by its diamond shape and consisting of dates and semolina coated in honey.<

A Guide to Moroccan Cuisine - Morocco



Traditionally prepared by men, mint tea is a sociable drink. Closely associated with hospitality, this hot drink is not to be refused. Tea is an essential part of Moroccan gastronomy and accompanies Moroccan dishes throughout the day. Prepared from tea leaves and mint, indulge yourself with this traditional beverage.


The main varieties planted in Morocco are Doukkala, Muscat d'Italie, Valency, Abbou, Boukhanzir and Muscat d'Alexandrie, which account for more than three quarters of the total area devoted to Moroccan viticulture. Discover the most highly recommended Moroccan wines.
Whites: Terres Blanches, CB Initiales, Muscat d’Alexandrie les Grains
Reds: Château Roslane, Ithaque, Médaillon, Terres Rouges, Ait Souala
Grey wines: Baccari
Rosés: Les Trois Domaines, Sidi Youssouf, Volubilia

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