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Moroccan cuisine

Like any good couscous, Moroccan cuisine is rich, tasty and full of colour & flavour. While this dish is perhaps the best known from this country, it is far from being the only delight originating in the kingdom of Sherif.

Moroccan cuisine - Morocco

The salty dishes of Morocco

Classified as part of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity, Moroccan cuisine has, like all Mediterranean cuisine, a plethora of dishes that are each as succulent as the next. Aside from the famous couscous, there are Berber dishes that use semolina with meat and many other ingredients too. There are many specialties, each one of which deserves to be tasted. The use of spices such as dill, saffron, coriander, clove and turmeric is what links all of them, each one bringing more flavour to each dish. Méchoui, lamb or mutton roasted on a wood fire, is just one delicious example. Tajine dishes, where a stew is cooked while covered, are also a veritable treat to the palate. Pastilla is a kind of sweet-and-sour pie which reflects the influence of Andalusian culinary tradition in Moroccan cuisine.

Sweet specialities

As for Moroccan pastries, you'll notice the presence of honey and almonds in the recipes of many different sweet specialties in the country. Baghrirs are a kind of crepe made of flour, semolina, yeast and salt, spread with butter and soaked in honey. They're cooked on one side only. You can enjoy this delight with a cup of tea or coffee. Very popular in all the countries that are part of the former Persian Empire, baklava is also found on the plates of Moroccan families. If there's one dessert that signifies Moroccan cuisine, it's feqqas, a cake made from flour, sugar, honey, eggs and yeast to which raisins or almonds can be added. Staying with pastries, briouats with honey, sanded ghoriba, dliba, kenafeh and makroud are also just waiting to be discovered.

Sweet specialities - Morocco

Moroccan wine and alcohol

Wine has been part of Moroccan gastronomy for several centuries. Indeed, in the present city of Meknès was once the largest wine production centre of Morocco during Antiquity. Available mainly on the domestic market, Moroccan wines are available in several varieties. The Thaleb, the Chaud-Soleil, the Old Popes, Sidi Brahim and Ksar are among the best red wines of the country. Le Valpierre, Muscat de Béni-Snassen and Le Chaud Soleil are the most popular in the category of white wines. For lovers of rosés, the Guerrouane of the estate AOG de Sahari and the Oustalet are the two most prestigious brands that can be found on Moroccan tables. There is also a very good gray wine produced by the local winegrowers, the Boulaouane, which is recommended to accompany a dish of poultry, white meat or Moroccan chicken.

Souvenirs of Morocco

Morocco is renowned for its traditional cuisine, with a thousand spices and flavours. In the souks you'll marvel at the explosion of colours. If you go there, you'll be stunned by the mountains of herbs and spices of all kinds. The questions everyone asks themselves as they're preparing to leave the country and doing the last of their shopping: "What souvenir should we take back?" Moroccan gastronomy is one of the best in the world. It includes many spices without being hot, and is sweet-and-sour. Moroccans have their secret recipes that allow them to turn a simple recipe into a real delight. So what could be better than to take away some Moroccan ingredients to prolong your trip?

Souvenirs of Morocco - Morocco

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