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Everything you need to do and what not to do in Morocco

Inevitably, where there is a different culture, there is different customs. Indeed, so that you can visit Morocco with the utmost respect for local traditions and politeness, we have gathered the main rules of conduct so that you know how to react in all circumstances. Thus, you can discover this sublime country with a thousand riches in the greatest respect for Moroccan culture.

Everything you need to do and what not to do in Morocco - Morocco

What you should do:

Correct dress is required to visit temples and mosques. No short clothes and shoulders covered. Include in your bag a headscarf to cover your head as some mosques require it, out of respect for religion.

Ask before taking a Moroccan on a  photo. Some beliefs suggest that a photo can capture the soul of the subject, so to collect your memories make sure to do so with respect for others and beliefs.

If you share a meal with Moroccans, it is recommended to use your right hand to make food, to catch something or to take food. The left hand is considered impure.

If you go to Morocco during the Ramadan period, it is advisable to eat and drink with a little discretion, respect for the premises that practice the fasting.

What you should not do:

One should not refuse an invitation to drink tea. Moroccans are always very welcoming and it may be rude to refuse this opportunity.

Do not criticise religion or the king because this is very badly seen by foreigners.

It is also very evil to get drunk in public. In some of our prestigious homes you will not be able to bring your own alcohol, it will be controlled or prohibited.

This seems obvious but do not go into a mosque without permission. It is a place of worship and not a tourist attraction, so very few mosques are open to visitors.

Gestures of affection too conspicuous are to be avoided because the Moroccans are very modest.

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