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Culture and Tradition in Spain

When discovering Spain, it is also absorbing its culture and its tradition through the cultural events and the traditional festivals which continue to vibrate the hearts of the Spaniards today. But before enjoying your holidays and your sumptuous home, we invite you to discover a glimpse of the Spanish culture which is adorned with a thousand colours and which plunges the country in a festive atmosphere.

Culture and Tradition in Spain - Spain

Culture in Spain

The first element that characterises culture in Spain is obviously language. Although the official language in Spain remains Castilian (Spanish), there are still many languages ​​that determine the status and territorial identity of certain regions. Thus, although the Catalan is mainly spoken in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, Galicia favours Galician, while Basque has become the official language of the Basque Country.
The historical relics also have had an enormous influence on Spanish culture. Strongly influenced by many civilisations, Spanish architecture is adorned with an unusual style. Among the sumptuous historical monuments (churches, palaces and castles), one finds a Celtic, Iberian, Roman, but also Islamic architecture. Palaces, mosques and fortresses add a majestic look to the Spanish landscape, such as the Alhambra in Granada, a magnificent palace overlooking the Sabika hill, which blends medieval and Islamic style with grace.

Festivities and traditions in Spain

Spanish culture and traditions are also conveyed by the traditional music and dances that the Spanish do not hesitate to highlight during the many cultural events. Flamenco, Jota, Copla, Fandango, Paso doble and Muñeira are all styles (dances and music) that you will discover during your stay in Spain.
Religious festivals also occupy an important place in the life of the Spaniards who do not hesitate to organise, every year, all kinds of religious cults, such as the feast of Saint Fermin or the Holy Week of Palencia. Other cultural events also animate the streets of the Spanish towns and villages to the delight of travellers, such as the Moros y Cristianos held every August in Valencia, which transports the region to the rhythm of music and costumed parades.
And comes with the festive atmosphere, the tasting of typical Spanish dishes that also perpetuate the Spanish traditions through dishes influenced by an Italian, Jewish and Moorish culture.

Festivities and traditions in Spain - Spain

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