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What to do in the United States? Activity Guide

It is difficult to visit all of the United States in a weekend or a week. This vast cosmopolitan country, but also very modern, shelters indeed an impressive number of tourist sights and the cities to discover do not lack. But for your stay in the United States to be perfect, it is better to prepare now the list of things to do in this vast country.

What to do in the United States? Activity Guide - United States

Tourism in the prestigious cities of the United States

Renowned cities are not lacking in the USA. For example, Villanovo recommends renting a villa in Florida, a stay in New York or a long weekend in the American West. These three main destinations will allow you to discover the most beautiful natural and urban landscapes of the United States.
New York is indeed the city to visit without any hesitation. Also known as the world city, New York is the most modern and is the pride of America with its theatre district, its buildings, its museums and so on. Times Square, Wall Street, Central Park Zoo...are all places to visit in New York.
If you plan to take a tour of the South of the country, Florida will reveal a tropical universe with its coastlines opening onto the Atlantic Ocean. The beaches of Florida are the most famous of the United States. The beaches of Melbourne, Miami, Saint Augustine and the Gulf of Mexico remain unavoidable. From the Southern coasts, you can even reach the archipelago of the Keys with a preserved natural landscape, despite the presence of man. But before heading out, do not miss a trip to Florida's biggest attractions: Walt Disney World and Seaworld Orlando.

Excursions in the heart of an unusual universe

Far from the big cities and crowds, if you are looking for untouched scenery that is the pride of the United States, opt for a stay in the American West. While cities such as San Francisco, Las Vegas and Los Angeles are bursting with activity and never sleep, this area of ​​the United States is also home to incredible sights. National parks and natural spaces are to be found. The American Wild West is absolutely to be discovered. It is at the Wild West that you will discover the Grand Canyon Valley, the famous American deserts like the Mojave Desert and Death Valley, the Sierra Nevada and the fertile lands of California.

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