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Corfu, the queen of the Ionian Islands in Greece

Written on : 13 October 2017
Discovering a beautiful island for an unforgettable trip

Discovering a beautiful island for an unforgettable trip

The success of the island is famous since the 40s. Corfu is certainly one of the most visited Greek islands.

It is very welcoming, green and offers a real place to tour by bike, on foot, on horseback or by car. The intensity of nocturnal or cultural activities (museums, castles, palaces...) is more concentrated in the capital Corfu and its surroundings (Mandouki and Pontikonisi). Beyond that, you have many places to explore: hikes around Mount Pantokrator, the Korission lagoon, the Ropa valley with its vineyards, small islands, deserted beaches, family or sports, fishing villages (Benitses and Moraitika in the lead). A sensational island where everyone will find the activities they want.

The villas selected by Villanovo are almost all on the East coast except from the centre of Sinarades. They are by the seaside, in the middle of isolated nature or in the very city of Corfu. You will find an ideal accommodation style depending on how you want to apprehend the island.

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The beaches of Corfu

The beaches of Corfu

The most famous beach is where Ulysses ran aground in Paleokastritsa to the North of the West coast. Intense and dynamic, it will present you many seaside activities. But you may prefer the deserted beaches of Sidari (North), Kavos (South), Emones (at the mouth of the Ropa), or Ipsos and Dassia below Pyrgi (one of our destinations for our villas). The beach of Agios Georgios in the South of the island is one of the largest with its 3km of sand... It is very family friendly and you can practice many water sports including diving (which is quite notable in Greece).

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Just here and not elsewhere

Just here and not elsewhere

The island has a rather unique range of activities... You can play golf, watch a cricket match, enjoy Kumquat liqueur, follow the meanders of the Ropa (main river on the island), observe the wildlife and very intense flora, swim with the sea turtles "Caretta", discover the Venetian architecture of Corfu...

The festivals are quite numerous and transform the island: the Carnival (the Sunday before Lent), the festival of Corfu in September (ballets, theatres, concerts and operas), the procession of Saint Spyridon, the saint of the island, 4 times a year (Rameaux, Holy Saturday, August 11, and the first Sunday of November) and Easter parades for 3 days (we throw jugs of water through the windows - the pitcher and the water!).

Shopping also has a special favour. The wines and liquor of Kumquat are very famous. And you can fall for the beautiful embroidery, clothing and leather work of the master craftsmen of Corfu. Toys are also very popular!

And in the end, we can not do the description of the island without giving in to greed with tasty local pies and Sofrito (meat with carrots, onion and garlic) always accompanied by a good wine that has been locally produced.

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