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Devour the dunes of Morocco on a sandboard

Written on : 06 August 2019

In search of thrills during your holidays in Morocco? Nostalgic for your winter holidays? Discover sandboarding, the little brother of snowboarding, an extreme sport that consists of sliding down sand dunes while sitting or standing, or lying on a board.

Discover Morocco from another angle and take advantage of the desert sand dunes to live an extraordinary experience during your holidays in the magnificent country of the distant sunset.

What is sandboarding?

What is sandboarding?

Like its big brother snowboarding, sandboarding consists of descending hills or mountains on a board while starting from the top.

Today it has become a sport in its own right, and is practiced in competition in some countries. Just like snowboarding, it has its own disciplines and figures, such as slalom, big air or freestyle.

It is possible to stand on the board, feet attached or not, sitting or lying down, depending on the sensations you want to experience.

It is considered to be a more difficult sport than snowboarding due to sand adhesion, which is less important than snow adhesion, but it nevertheless has more and more followers.

In France, its practice is unfortunately complex because of the protection of the dunes where the sport could be practiced. Germany is one of the European leaders in the discipline, as it is where the World Championships are held every year.

Where and how to try the sandboard?

Where and how to try the sandboard?

Most of the sandboard spots are located in Agadir or Ouarzazate, but it is also possible to do some in the Merzouga desert if you pass there during your stay. It is not possible to make them from Marrakech, simply because the city is not located near sand dunes. However, if you are ready to go on the road, it is possible to book an excursion from the ochre city.

We advise you to book an excursion for the end of the day: the sand slides better when it has been warmed by the sun of the day.

The outing will cost you between 50 to 90€ depending on the companies and you can choose to do it for a day or half a day, depending on your preferences. The excursion includes snacks and transfer from your accommodation to the foot of the dunes almost all the time. 

Convinced? Take the plunge, discover sandboarding in Morocco and enjoy an unforgettable experience with family or friends!

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