Luxury holidays with your children in a beautiful villa

We all want to make the most of our vacations with our children. A villa rental is one of the best options. Treat yourself with a luxury villa rental and enjoy your holidays fully.


Dream vacations with the kids

Tranquility and peace of mind are two of the first criterias of a successful family stay no matter the season of the year. Within a villa, not only will you live in peace and privacy but you will also have access to the best comfort, relaxation and leisure. For example you may choose a villa with a private swimming pool to please young children who will use the pool most of the day. While kids have fun using the pool, adults can peacefully relax in loungers or play tennis on the private court of the villa.

A large choice of personal service

In addition to the top range equipment of the house your stay will be even more enjoyable with some of the many services you may ask for. You may request a chef who will prepare delicious meals generally inspired by your destination’s traditional recipes. The chef will take away all the burden of cooking for the whole family. Some villas provide a private spa or a massage room or an area dedicated to well-being. The whole family will love receiving treatments and massages to relax after all the activities and visits of the day.