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When to go to Corsica? Plan your luxury holidays with us

Written on : 09 February 2024
When to go to Corsica? Plan your luxury holidays with us

Corsica is truly the Isle of Beauty from coast to coast, from Cap Corse on the northern tip to Bonifacio in the south. Each season has its own appeal: hot summer temperatures in Corsica makes for perfect beach weather; the fall harvest is ideal for tasting Corsican food; winter is the calmest time of the year; and the island is in full bloom in the spring. Read below for our guide on when to go to Corsica. Spoiler alert: it’s ideal for luxury holidays year-round.

When to go to Corsica? The best seasons to visit the Isle of Beauty

When to go to Corsica? The best seasons to visit the Isle of Beauty

Weather, climate, and average Corsica temperatures

As one of the warmest regions in France, Corsica is an ideal destination for any season. Thanks to its mild weather, temperatures in Corsica range from 13°C - 30°C year-round. In the springtime and fall, daytime temperatures average 15°C - 20°C, not too hot for hiking yet the water is warm enough to take a dip. The summer is more crowded due to sunny 25°C - 30°C days. The season is ideal for outdoor activities like swimming, sailing, and suntanning on the beach. Villanovo makes it easy to escape the crowds at our luxury villas with refreshing pools. The winter is the calmest and coolest time, with daytime temperatures hovering around 13°C. Though too chilly for water activities, winter is perfect for hiking, living like a local, and tasting Corsican culinary specialties like figatelli (pork sausage) and brousse (sheep’s milk cheese.)

The best time to visit Corsica

Corsica really shines from April to September. There’s abundant sun, fewer tourists, and the mild weather is ideal for outdoor activities. Easter is particularly appealing, with festive Easter processions taking place across Corsica. June to August is the most popular time to visit Corsica, ideal for a relaxing holiday with family and friends in the sun. In the fall, guests can savour the harvest season, featuring Corsican culinary specialties like chestnuts and wine.  Villanovo clients can choose the holiday rental that best suits their desires: a luxury villa for a memorable family reunion, one that boasts a gorgeous pool, or one that is within walking distance to the beach.

What to do in Corsica?

What to do in Corsica?

Festivals, beaches, and fun in the sun for a stellar summer

There is no shortage of things to do in Corsica in the summer, thanks to the bevy of beautiful beaches (over 200!) and traditional festivals. To escape the crowds, ask our expert concierges to share the island’s most secluded beaches. Two thirds of Corsican festivals take place in the summer, including the Fiera di U Casgiu cheese festival in Venaco in May and the Le Fêtes Napoléoniennes in Ajaccio on Napoleon’s birthday, August 15. Check out our exclusive travel booklet for the best places in Corsica, like the black sand Nonza beach on the Cap Corse peninsula, the chic town of Saint-Florent, the ‘St.-Tropez of Corsica’, the charming village of Sartène, a short drive from Propriano.

Spring beckons visitors to hike, swim, and experience the island in full bloom

Corsica flourishes in the spring. It awakens from its winter slumber with the island’s gorgeous fauna in full bloom. The pleasant temperatures are ideal for hiking and swimming in the calanques, turquoise coves surrounded by limestone cliffs. To fully experience the Isle of Beauty’s breath-taking landscape and the blissful Mediterranean Sea, have our luxury concierge service book a private boat tour aboard a majestic sailboat.  

To recharge outdoors and enjoy the local harvest, head to Corsica in the fall

Looking for a relaxing holiday? Corsica returns to its alluring calm after the summertime crowds scatter. With its gorgeous fall foliage and mild temperatures, the island is an idyllic setting for those looking to recharge with their loved ones. Visitors can take advantage of the harvest season and culinary festivals that celebrate Corsican gastronomic treasures like chestnuts, wine, olive oil, and cheese.

Villanovo in Corsica: Exceptional holidays and luxury concierge service

Villanovo in Corsica: Exceptional holidays and luxury concierge service

Our exclusive collection

Villanovo offers handpicked villas in sought-after locations. Spend your holidays in the southern cliffside town, Bonifacio, the idyllic port, Porto-Vecchio, and the laidback seaside town, Île Rousse.

An exceptional experience

Our attentive, hands-on concierges handle every detail so you can focus on enjoying your holidays. This personalized service tailors each trip to perfectly suit your desires and needs. The pièce de résistance? Every Villanovo stay comes with a travel booklet packed with our insider picks, including where to eat, what to do, and how to live like a local Corsica throughout the year.  

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