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Gourmet notebook for holidays in Lisbon

Written on : 16 October 2017
Portuguese gastronomy rich in colours and flavours

Portuguese gastronomy rich in colours and flavours

Portuguese gastronomy is renowned in Europe and around the world for its special flavours. Thanks to its advantageous position in the Atlantic, the country has made the best use of its resources. Thus, you will find many high quality meat dishes such as Barrosa du Minho beef or Serra da Estrela sheep... characteristic specialties of Portugal.

To add even more flavour to their dishes, the Portuguese use a lot of laurel, olive oil or cinnamon.

Among the great specialties you will find cod in all its forms. The bacalhau is the star of Portuguese specialties, so it is impossible not to taste these tasty dishes based on fish. An old Portuguese saying even states that there are more cod dishes than days in the year in Portugal. So how many different dishes do you want to taste?

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The flavours of Lisbon

The flavours of Lisbon

In the heart of Lisbon you will find many addresses that offer you to discover the specialties so dear to the heart of the Portuguese. Including shops where you can enjoy good local cheese. A particularly specialised shop is located in the centre of Lisbon, it is Queijaria where you can even enjoy a tasting before leaving with the cheese of your choice.

During your stay, you will certainly have cravings for sweetness. In this case, you will easily find many pastries or tea rooms in which you can enjoy excellent pastéis. The most well-known recipe in Lisbon is obviously the pastéis de Belém, which you will have to try before you leave.

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Some good places to try

Some good places to try

Looking for some good places to enjoy an excellent traditional meal? Here are some to test during your Lisbon holidays.

> Lisboete Restaurant
Calcada do Marques de Abrantes 94, Lisbon 1200-720, Portugal
+351 21 395 0953

The chef of this restaurant is Alsatian, and the dishes are a mix between Portuguese cuisine and French cuisine. The address is among the best in the city of Lisbon, so be sure to book if you want to enjoy the excellent dishes of Lisboete Restaurant.

> Largo
Rua Serpa Pinto, Chiado
It is a modern Portuguese restaurant with excellent cod dishes on the menu. The decoration is unique with fake fish hanging on the wall and a luminous dancing jellyfish.

> A Travessa
Travessa das Inglesinhas 28, Lapa
The informal environment of this restaurant gives it a warm and welcoming atmosphere. A favourite of locals, it is advisable to book before because the place is very busy. The menu includes seasonal fruits and vegetables to support local producers, but also many fish and meat dishes.

> Lisbon Winery
Rua da Barroca 13, Lisbon 1200-047, Portugal
+351 21 826 0132

In this charming, authentic wine bar, you will have the chance to enjoy local cheese and charcuterie platters. Accompanied by excellent Portuguese wines, you will enjoy a great moment as a couple or with friends. The price / quality ratio is remarkable, plus the picturesque setting of this establishment will give you the impression that time has stopped.

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