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The “Shipwreck Beach” in Greece

Written on : 27 August 2020
By : Disha Pegu
The “Shipwreck Beach” in Greece

Are you a fanatic about visiting the usual places and your travel list consists of plans to discover unique places on earth? Today, we present you with one such place that will add to your book of unusual places. It is the "Shipwreck Beach" or more commonly known as Navagio Beach in Greece. This beach is not only considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, but it is also an excellent destination for those who are looking for an incredible Instagrammable spot. Let's see why it is called "Shipwreck Beach" and what is the story of this Greek beach.
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The “Shipwreck Beach” in Greece

Navagio Beach is situated in the coast of Zakynthos Island which is on the Ionian Sea in Greece. We can guarantee that if you like beautiful beaches and breathtaking views, a visit to this beach will certainly appease you. Navagio beach is surrounded by an open cove, also called "Smuggler's Cove", with turquoise and sparkling waters and powdery white sand this beach will not fail to enchant you. Needless to say, there are many other beautiful and amazing beaches around the world, but this beach is special and has its own story.
The reason why Navagio beach is called the "Shipwreck Beach" is because the beach has a shipwrecked on its creeks that have been abandoned for years. This ship is called the MV Panagiotis which castaway on Navagio beach in the 1980s. The story is a huge international drama of crime and pirate smuggling. Apparently, the ship was carrying contraband and other illicit substances to Italy when the Greek authorities got their hands on the situation and intervened. Unfortunately, the weather conditions failed to meld with the whole incident and the entire fleet and ship's crew fled, leaving the vessel stranded on Navagio beach, abandoned and wrecked for decades.
Nevertheless, the beach, even without the wrecked ship, is just as spectacular. It is surrounded by huge limestone cliffs that reach 200 meters high. The most spectacular view of the sea and the beach does not come from the sand but from the top of the cliffs. The high and steep cliff walls offer you a breathtaking view of the sea and the shipwreck from the top. You can only reach the beach of Navagio by sea. During your stay on the island of Zakynthos, you will need to book your sea excursion at Navagio beach, which is easily available. Keep in mind that the beach and the shipwrecked ship are very popular as a tourist site, so we recommend that you book an early morning tour of the beach on the island to experience a lesser crowd, to have amazing photos with no one around and to enjoy the solitude on the beach and relax until the huge visitor crowd gathers.
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The “Shipwreck Beach” in Greece

If you are wondering how to get to the cliffs to enjoy the breathtaking view, don't worry, we will guide you. For starters, you can't climb the cliff from the beach. The cliffs are absolutely vertical and are considered dangerous to allow any kind of climbing activities. But relax! You can reach the cliff by road by car or on a motorbike from the northwest of the island of Zakynthos. There is a suspended platform exclusively designed for viewing the shipwreck from above. This is where all tourists can admire the magnificent view of the beach from the top. It is also important to bear in mind that you should bring all the essential items such as sunscreen, bathing suits, drinking water, towels, etc. as there are no stores on Navagio beach and if you wish to swim there, be careful as the water there is much colder than on the other warmer beaches.
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