How about a little tour of the Calvi coast?

Written on : 16 November 2017

Calvi, an authentic Corsican city

Today, why not cruise around the North of Corsica and discover the beautiful city of Calvi and its surrounding area. This town, with its wealth of historic, cultural and natural heritage, promises you an unforgettable holiday, steeped in authenticity! A jewel on Corsica’s Western coast, Calvi is an enchanting city.

Just a little stroll through its paved alleyways will be enough to convince you! Don’t miss the fortified Genoese citadel reflecting Calvi’s history. As the capital of Balagne, the town is also particularly well steeped in art and culture, demonstrated by long-running spectacles such as Calvi on the Rocks, the Calvi Jazz Festival, the Festival du Vent (Wind Festival), and the Rencontre d’Art Contemporain de Calvi (Discovering Calvi’s Contemporary Art).

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Many possibilities to escape

In addition, this joyfully animated town offers numerous escapist activities, such as water sports, hikes in the surrounding hills and sea excursions, in particular Scandola’s nature park and golf at the bewitchingly beautiful Girolata.

Calvi and Northern Corsica exude the gentleness of the authentic, welcoming Corsican way of life. As usual, we have selected luxurious villa rentals in Calvi, situated in their own little paradise.

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The modern Villa Althéa

Only 5 minutes by car from Calvi, Villa Althéa is a delightful property between land and sea. With modern, convivial architecture it is ideally suited for small groups of friends. Having 4 ensuite bedrooms it can accommodate up to 8 people. Its special features include the heated swimming pool, a unique view of the surrounding mountains from a luxuriant garden and accessibility for disabled people. Not to mention its marvellous proximity to the beach, only 900 metres away.

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