Ibiza hippie: discovering the other side of the Balearic Islands

Written on : 15 September 2017

Hippie culture: intimately linked to the recent history of Ibiza

Now known to summer visitors as the largest festive destination in the world, Ibiza was above all a haven for hippies in search of serenity and idyllic surroundings to live their dream of absolute freedom.

Behind the festive cliché of Ibiza hides a more discreet and fascinating story. At the dawn of the 60s, artists and rich tourists came to take refuge on the island and it is from 1964 that the first hippies landed. In an effort to escape the new consumer society emerging in the West and the dictatorship of Franco, spirits in search of love and fraternity settled on the island.

Between 1967 and 1975, a real community settled in Ibiza and the neighbouring island of Formentera, in perfect harmony with the local population, who then supplied them with essential foodstuffs for everyday life. Idealists, artists, thinkers or simply individuals in search of the wild magic of Ibiza, coasts of great beauty and rural lands still little marked by tourism made this island, home.

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Ibiza hippie: living the dream when staying on the island

To soak up the bohemian and hippie soul of Ibiza, the first place to visit during your getaway is the Punta Arabi market which takes place every Wednesday in the locality of Santa Eularia. In a relaxed and timeless atmosphere, set off to search for clothes, accessories, costume jewellery and musical instruments that marked the 70s.

The other hippie place to visit must be the beach of Benirras. Backed by a forest covered mountain, this site regularly hosts hippies that celebrate the sunset with percussion. This fascinating show is embellished by the exhilarating rhythm of music.

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