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Traditional Dance Shows in Ubud

Written on : 15 September 2017
The importance of traditions in Bali, Indonesia

The importance of traditions in Bali, Indonesia

Traditional dances occupy an important place in Bali. They are among the cultural attractions that make Indonesia famous.

In Bali, tradition makes the natives of this island paradise communicate, pray and pay tribute through song, music, dance and theatre. This is why traditional dance shows provide valuable opportunities to immerse themselves in what is the epitome of Balinese culture.

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A cultural pillar of the Balinese society

A cultural pillar of the Balinese society

However, it is preferable to choose well the shows to see during a stay on the island. Tourist traps are numerous, while they do not portray the true value of all the subtleties of local traditions.

It is in Ubud, a city renowned for its medicinal plants and its sumptuous temple of Dalem Agung Padangtegal, that you will attend the best performances of traditional Balinese dances.

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Traditional dances that should not be missed

Traditional dances that should not be missed

The legong of Mahabharata is the traditional dance that must absolutely be seen in Ubud. It is actually the ballet of the divine nymphs that tells an epic from a Sanskrit narrative of Hindu mythology. A poem that some specialists of the branch consider to be the biggest ever composed. The enchanting grace of the dancers, the beauty of the accoutrements, and a fabulous atmosphere out of time make this show a wonderful experience.

The impressive fire and trance dance called Kekak is also a must. It is assured by fifty warriors who dance and sing in chorus around a magnificent torchlight.

The Barong Dance, for its part, tells poetically the conflicting coexistence of good and evil. It is also particularly interesting to watch; the good being represented by Barong, a mythical lion-headed creature, and evil, symbolised by Rangda, the queen of witches.

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