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Porto-Vecchio, the star of Southern Corsica

Written on : 16 October 2017
A fascinating city

A fascinating city

Agglomeration of the Freto region, Porto-Vecchio remains an important tourist place of Southern Corsica. It would be inconceivable to visit the island without going through this Genoese city.

On the Southeast coast of the Island of Beauty radiates the port city of Porto-Vecchio. Known for its music festival and art festival on Scen'è Sonniu Street, this city nicknamed "the Salt City" also fascinates tourists at the end of July, thanks to its famous festival Luddareddu. During this amazing celebration, which takes place during the night that greets the first day of August, people of Porto-Vecchio walk a manikin straw in the streets to drive him to the stake for his "kill"; he who represents the "little July".

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Discover the Salt City

Discover the Salt City

Porto-Vecchio remains a place to discover Corsican traditions. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the many other attractions it can offer us. The beaches of Palombaggia and Santa Giulia for example, are paradises of idleness where tanning sessions are particularly delightful.

The discovery of the city itself will also be unforgettable memories. The alleys, the architecture of the historical and religious buildings, as well as the citadel located on the heights will fill your smartphones with pretty photos.

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Southern Corsica, rich in escape activities

Southern Corsica, rich in escape activities

The highlights of this destination are also in its tourist services. In addition to offering a sensational view of the citadel, the port of Porto-Vecchio invites you to try all kinds of water activities. From boat cruises to water rides, jet skiing and big game fishing, visitors have something to escape.

Moreover, to feel at home and appreciate the charms of Southern Corsica, more and more holidaymakers prefer rental villas to more traditional hotels.

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