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Summer 2020: Our final stop to discover the Atlantic coast

Written on : 17 December 2019
By : Jake Varga
Summer 2020: Our final stop to discover the Atlantic coast

From the tropical beauty of Asia to the vibrant and culturally rich lands of the Mediterranean, we have discovered some truly remarkable destinations for next summer. On our final excursion to find a thrilling adventure, we head to western Europe to the Atlantic coast.

While our next destinations are on the far left edge of the continent, they definitely don’t lack in quintessential European flavour which we love to indulge in. The beauty of the Atlantic coast is its diverse terrains which have formed from the powerful ocean - highlands, glaciers and even black sand beaches! The west coast’s seafood scene varies country by country, and that’s the delightful part.

Villanovo’s mission has always been to offer adventures which allow you to leave everyday life behind, while bringing along the luxury you have come to adore. That is why the next and final destinations on our journey to seek the perfect holiday for the new decade are French and Portuguese. Read on to discover the intimacy found in Île de Ré and the sun-kissed Algarve.

Île de Ré, a hidden side to France

Île de Ré, a hidden side to France

Île de Ré is a hidden secret to many, but absolutely not to the French mainlanders. Many natives travel from North and South to the Atlantic coast to enjoy the magic which this island has to offer in the summer - it is classically French, with a few twists. Although the Île de Ré is just as sought-after as the French Riviera, its unique tranquility is undoubtedly preferable for many travellers. On the Île de Ré, you can see that calm reigns inland, as you discover spectacular towns and villages such as Sainte Marie de Ré. Small side streets make way for incredible restaurants and cafes. Far from Rome's large and beautiful lively squares, you can always find a pleasant intimacy on the île de Ré.

Even if this French island is not comparable to the dynamism of places like Cuba, take the time to admire the pastel coloured houses and buildings of the cities and let yourself be charmed by the authenticity of Ré. You also will notice a lack of tour buses. Instead, pick up a bike and cycle your way through the villages, the fields and stop off by the beach to soak up the sun. Discovering new places by bike is a great way to spend a day in constant laughter with your family or friends.

Furthermore, the gastronomy found on Île de Ré is something you couldn’t forget. A significant perk of being situated on the Atlantic coast is the incredible variety of seafood which is available, all sourced locally and prepared by the culinary masters of the island. Enjoy fresh prawns by the ocean in a beach hut, or enjoy the French luxury of a Michelin star restaurant. Enjoy your seafood with a delicious local white wine or let yourself be tempted by a delicious plate of local cheese. Don't miss the opportunity to be seduced by Ré's cuisine!

Île de Ré offers the best beaches, excursions and cuisine… All that is missing is the dream place to stay during your getaway. Here are some luxury villas perfect for your adventure:

Villa Amani is the ideal places to stay, located on the north side of the island in Portes- en-Ré. This wonderful home can sleep up to 10 guests and has a copious amount of space around the expansive pool for a relaxing day in summer. The charming garden is lined in a cocoon of greenery which mirrors the tranquillity of the whole island.

Consider Villa Les Amazones if your clan is slightly larger as this luxury home hosts up to 12 people. Its numerous terraces are ideal for enjoying a glass of local fine wine in the evening. And as this villa has direct access to the beach, immersing yourself in Ré’s nature couldn’t be easier.

Algarve, a dream by the ocean

Algarve, a dream by the ocean

The European continent offers an infinite number of sublime beaches where you can spend a beautiful day in the sun. While travelling in Portugal, you will be captivated by the country's incredible beaches, especially those of the Algarve, lined with rocks carved by time. For a relaxing stay, spend a day at sea where you can enjoy the sweetness of the Mediterranean. If you are looking for thrills, caves like the one in Banagil in the Algarve, are often accessible by kayak or by boat, although it sometimes takes a little more swimming to sneak into places where small boats do not pass. These breathtaking alcoves on the other side of the coast are the perfect place for a romantic day out.

 Once you have explored the caves you will be greeted by incredible restaurants at the top of the cliffs. Quite similarly to Île de Ré you will find that seafood is the staple food to enjoy. The famous Portuguese dish “Bacalhau”, which means salted cod, can be savoured in many restaurants.. Although, unlike many other European cuisines like Spanish and Italian which have been replicated - in various countries, Portuguese gastronomy is a little shy when it comes to crossing borders. This is the best opportunity to immerse yourself into the local food while you have the chance. Visit one of the local food markets and give the local dishes a try.

In the Algarve culture, the locals are particularly welcoming with tourists and generally speak very good English, so embarking on a new adventure and connecting with the locals should not be intimidating. Combine the kindness of the locals with the fact that Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world and choose to travel to the Algarve in 2020!

If the cave adventures and local gastronomy sounds like something you would like to discover, take a look at some of the luxury villas that Villanovo have to offer:

Villa Paraiso is a reason in itself to visit the Algarve, this impeccable home offers 6 bedrooms and bathrooms. The outside is designed as well as the villa itself with multiple lounging areas. If you thought that 1 expansive pool was enough, then consider having 2! One of the best parts is the roof terrace ideal for spending quality time with friends. With a barbeque and kitchen area, as well as a lounge area, watching the sunset will become your favorite part of the day.

Villa Vista is another luxury villa which would amaze any guest upon arrival. This beautiful home can host 8 people and provide you with facilities such as a large private swimming pool, a gym, a games room, not to mention the garden which offers incredible views over the Atlantic ocean. The interior has contemporary decor and rooms are lit up by the Portuguese sun throughout the day thanks to the floor to ceiling windows. This villa is a marvellous place to call home for a week or two.