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Gastronomy in Portugal

Portuguese gastronomy is one of the most varied and delicious in the world. A whole new culinary experience awaits you in the land of fado.

Gastronomy in Portugal - Portugal

The typical ingredients of Portuguese gastronomy

Fish and seafood hold a prime spot in Portuguese gastronomy. Thanks to its privileged position facing the Atlantic, the country enjoys the best products available. In addition, there is a wide range of high-quality meat, including Barrosa du Minho beef, goat and sheep meat from Serra da Estrela, as well as pork, porc Bisaro and porcino alentejano. To improve the flavour of the dishes, the Portuguese often use piri piri chili, dulaurier to flavour rice and dishes made from meat and fish. Added to this are olive oil, cinnamon and lupine seeds.

Cod dishes

Cooked in a thousand ways, cod or bacalhau is one of the great stars of local gastronomy. An old Portuguese saying even claims that there are more cod dishes than days in the year. During your gourmet getaway, you will discover several variations, to mention only the bacalhau to brás, the bacalhau com natas, the pasteis of bacalhau or the batatas a murro.

Cod dishes - Portugal

Traditional dishes

Meat lovers will certainly not be indifferent to cozido stew in portuguesa, based on chicken, pork, different pork sausages and vegetables. Those who prefer the fish will not miss, under any pretext, the caldeirada de peixe. Other great classics: the caldoverde soup and the long sandwich Francesinhas inspired by the French croque-monsieur, but cooked with Portuguese sauce.

The desserts

It should also be borne in mind that the Portuguese have given special importance to desserts since the fifteenth century, that is to say, the period when sugar was introduced into the country. The latter has become a major ingredient, alongside egg yolks, almonds and cinnamon. Among the most popular desserts are the pasteis de nata, pasteis de Belém and the fondant torta de Azeitão.

The desserts - Portugal

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