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Natural Spaces in Portugal

With its geography, Portugal is full of natural wonders that form an infinite playground for lovers of nature. Hiking trails, natural parks and, of course, the Douro and its surroundings...there are so many natural spaces that you can discover during a stay in Portugal, all from the comfort of your luxury villa. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on some places.

Natural Spaces in Portugal - Portugal

Natural Park of Peneda-Gerês

This park covers more than 70,000 hectares and is a place full of charm and authenticity in the Portuguese landscape. You will find in the heart of this environment the wildlife and the local flora. If you walk through remote villages such as Soajo, you will see daily life as it was years ago with breeders taking care of their herds, near stone shelters that date back to the earlier times.
However if you are looking for stunning natural views, try to get close to the Tahiti waterfall, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful in the park. If you prefer an adrenaline-filled adventure, then try tree climbing that is also inside the park.
One of the hidden treasures of the park is the magnificent village of Vilarinho das Furnas, which was overwhelmed by the construction of a dam. When the water is low, it reveals the ruins of this ancient village, before engulfing it again.

Cape St. Vincent

This place will delight nature lovers because the Cabo de Sao Vicente is an area classified as a nature reserve since 1988. Have fun counting the number of aquatic animals that you will be able to see along your walk: otters, herons, eagles and many others. Outside of breathtaking scenery, you will also find many historical constructions such as a lighthouse or the fortress of Sagres, symbols of the Portuguese explorations of the 15th century. A place that is definitely worth a visit!

Cape St. Vincent - Portugal

The Douro

Classed as a World Heritage Site, the Douro Valley is a place full of resources. There lies the river Douro, but there is also an excellent table wine, known throughout Portugal.
Contemplating these sublime and picturesque landscapes are a must when visiting Porto or Portugal in general. Know that you can visit the valley in several ways: by car, by train, by boat, by the river or by helicopter. In each case, this moment will remain engraved in your memory as the landscape is sublime and most definitely worth the detour!
You can also decide to visit the town of Miranda do Douro. Full of character, this city has its own language which you will see on the signs that indicate the names of the streets.

Natural Park of Serra da Estrela

To enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors, go to the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. In winter you can ski on one of the only ski slopes in Portugal, but the rest of the time, thanks to a network of very rich trails, you can walk and admire the sublime landscape of the surroundings with the numerous lagoons.
You will be able to see sheep monitored by Serra da Estrela dogs, a breed that resists low temperatures. To taste the fruits of this nature, do not hesitate to bite into a piece of Queijo da Serra, a local cheese made from sheep that roam in the park.

Natural Park of Serra da Estrela - Portugal

The caves of Mira de Aire

These caves are part of the 7 natural wonders of Portugal. In the town of Mira de Aire, these caves will be the delight of nature lovers as they are 150 million years old. They are so old that if you really open your eyes to look, you will see footprints dating back to the days of the dinosaurs.
Thanks to the plays of light projected on the stalagmites and the stalactites, you will appreciate the limestone formations. Discover this world hidden in the depths that contains true treasures of nature!

Natural Park of Ria Formosa

This marshy park that stretches over 60km is home to incredible biodiversity. The view is truly breathtaking, so the geography of this place is well out of the ordinary. From this magical place you will be able to contemplate the fauna and the flora of the region thanks to excursions on land or sea.
Lose yourself in this labyrinth of islets and be impressed by the beauty and richness of the place. A visit to the natural park guarantees a moment that combines discovery, nature and wonder for the whole family. You will learn more about local ecosystems and discover one side of the wildest Algarve.

Natural Park of Ria Formosa - Portugal

The hiking trails of Portugal

Portugal is a country that offers many hiking trails. Put on your trainers and get ready to walk in the most beautiful landscapes of Portugal, to discover the surrounding nature and its wonders.

Pico Ruivo
Located on the island of Madeira, known for its many irrigation canals which make its superb hiking trails, is the Pico Ruivo. It is the highest peak of the island that can be reached by following two distinct routes: the first passing through Pico do Arieiro for the specialists of the excursion and the second by Achada do Teixeira, a shorter route for the beginners. Once up there do not forget your camera to capture this unique view.

Passadiços do Paiva
Hang on because this 8-kilometre hike is on wooden walkways on the side of the mountain. Along the Paiva River, do not forget to take pictures of this sublime and characteristic landscape in this part of Portugal.

The Path of the 7 Suspended Valleys
Rejuvenate yourself in an almost wild nature along the trail of the Seven Suspended Valleys. The clever mix of green vegetation, the deep blue of the ocean and the gold of the cliffs will conquer the hearts of lovers of breathtaking landscapes. Prepare your camera to capture this breathtaking view, a treasure of nature and time. Indeed, in the past, each valley was linked by a water point, but time and erosion contributed to shaping this landscape to make it so incredible.
To complete the whole route, plan a full day and a pair of comfortable shoes as the hike lasts around 6 hours for a round trip. Do not hesitate to picnic along the trail in a corner of greenery, to admire, on a lunch break, the incredible view that this place offers.

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