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The 10 best beaches in Portugal

In our opinion, choosing the best beaches in Portugal is a difficult task, especially for this destination so characteristic of its seascapes. However, we wanted to draw up a list so that there is not one that is lost, because each one, in one way or another, is really special and worth it.

If Portugal is the country you have chosen to spend your holidays with family, couples or friends, relaxing on one of its beaches is not to be missed!

Marinha Beach: pure tranquillity

We could not inaugurate this guide with a beach that was in a place other than the Algarve. Lagoa, in particular, hides the incomparable beach of Marinha. Rocks, caves and an imposing cliff carved by erosion protect this almost wild paradise. From the top, you can admire a landscape offered by one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, which you can access by going down stairs that, as soon as you walk on the sand, you will realise that it is really worth it.

The contrast of the green and blue of its crystalline waters will allow you to enjoy swimming with pure beauty all around you. Thanks to an amazing marine fauna, snorkelling will be a unique experience for the youngest members of the family.

Feel free to visit the caves and enjoy the tranquillity as there is the possibility to do so.

Marinha Beach: pure tranquillity - Portugal

Galapinhos beach: the best in Europe

The specialised site of the best European destinations declared in 2017: Galapinhos is the best beach in Europe. This heavenly place is sheltered from mass tourism, although it is true that little by little it becomes a tourist destination to visit, at least once in your life. You will have the feeling of being immersed in an oasis of peace that has nothing to do with the passion of Lisbon, even if it is very close to the capital. We do not tell you anything else because we want you to discover this beauty for yourself!

Porto Santo: a destination to escape stress

In the archipelago of Madeira is the island of Porto Santo, better known as the Isle of Gold, famous for the therapeutic properties of its waters of a radiant turquoise. In fact, it is very common to find people who enjoy the sun while their body is almost entirely buried in the sand, which is used for medicinal purposes with the ultimate goal of enjoying its health benefits.

In addition to the properties of the sea in this area, it is also distinguished by its mild temperatures that help to make swimming more pleasant than normal, but this place, in addition to being an obvious temple of well-being, is also a great place to practice some sports. You seem to have everything here, you dare to check?

Porto Santo: a destination to escape stress - Portugal

Odeceixe Beach: ideal for families

On the Alentejo coast, we find the beach of Odeceixe Beach, ideal for a family excursion because its waters are not very deep and there are lagoons where the youngest will be able to enjoy a day at the beach with all security. Its white sands, caves, breathtaking views and slate cliffs make Odeceixe Beach one of the best places to visit while in Portugal. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a pleasant canoe trip to discover different animal species.

Please note that one area of this beach is appropriate for those who want to do nudism.

Guincho Beach: a paradise for surfers

Cascais is a paradise for surfers: Guincho beach. The Atlantic Ocean transports all its strength to this place in the form of gigantic waves that are a challenge for surf lovers.

Its almost omnipresent wind and rough waters make it the wrong place if you want a quiet family holiday. However, it becomes the ideal destination to practice kitesurfing or surfing, while enjoying a wild nature that will leave you stunned.

Guincho Beach: a paradise for surfers - Portugal

Dona Ana Beach

Lagos, a town in the Algarve is responsible for protecting what is, for many, the most beautiful beach in the region. The golden-coloured rock formations carved by the sea form isolated wind areas where swimming is really enjoyable. It is also these cliffs that contribute to the calm and clean water of Dona Ana Beach. The fact that it has a crystal clear sea makes it possible to practice scuba diving, a perfect activity to admire the marine flora that hides in this heavenly place: small schools of fish, starfish, sea urchins and many other multicoloured inhabitants. We recommend you to be careful because some falling rocks can occur. Enjoy the postcard image of this destination that represents the Algarve so well.

Nazaré Beach

The coastal municipality of Nazaré is located between Porto and the capital of the country. You will discover a place marked by a strong tradition of fishing and typical Portuguese architecture. The big waves of the Atlantic Ocean have contributed to the reputation of this beach among surf lovers. If you are looking for adrenaline for your next vacation, there is no doubt that the beach of Nazaré is the perfect destination for you.

The nature that creates its authentic landscapes, the perfect holiday atmosphere and a long expanse of golden sand mean that today we place the beach of Nazaré in our list of favourites. Do not forget to climb to the Fort of Nazaré for a breathtaking view.

Nazaré Beach - Portugal

Comporta Beach: a hidden paradise

Relatively close to Lisbon is a hidden paradise: Comporta. And, in it, a beach that results from the combination of turquoise waters, a generous nature, a quiet environment and a sand of comforting sweetness. Here you will discover that rice is one of the most important economic activities of the place, that walking or riding becomes an unforgettable experience and that peace reigns in this place in an undeniable way.

Comporta is, without a doubt, a choice that guarantees a relaxing vacation where all you have to do is enjoy a unique and pristine landscape.

Camilo Beach: the other Algarve gems

The Algarve offers us, again, an incredible beach: the beach of Camilo. While it's true that access is not an easy task and it's small, it’s still worth a visit. The highest point of this beach is not its extension of sand, but its landscape. Creeks of fine sand and cold crystalline waters form an image that proves that paradise does not need to be in distant and lost islands. Camilo Beach is simply spectacular.

Camilo Beach: the other Algarve gems - Portugal

Tavira Beach

The island of Tavira stretches along the Algarve with 11 kilometres of beaches which, if they are not paradises, are very close to being so. This destination is ideal for families, because here you will find tranquillity, an old city to discover and really incredible beaches. We will talk about the closest to Tavira, the beach with the same name. With clear, warm, calm waters and sandy stretches, this amazing seascape is easily accessible by ferry, as there is no way to do it otherwise. However, this walk will be enjoyable and will form, with a unique sunset, part of your excursion to one of the Portuguese jewels.

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