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Weather and Climate in Portugal

Portugal can boast about having one of the most pleasant climates in the European continent. Although it can be considered as a Mediterranean climate, it is altered by the Atlantic Ocean, which brings humid air which causes a modification of the temperatures. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that the climate varies according to the region. The altitude, the latitude and the proximity of the sea are some of the factors that explain this difference between the North and the South of the country. In this way, one could say that inside, for example, summers are hot. In the coastal zone, temperatures are moderate because of the proximity of the sea.


If you decide to visit this country in summer, know that at this time of year the sun is present almost full time. The average temperature is around 25ºC. But, as we already mentioned, not all regions enjoy the same heat in summer. Inside, there is a sensation of greater drought, while on the coast the sea is responsible for the fall of temperatures.

The month of July, for example, is a good time to enjoy the pleasures of this period. In August it can reach 30ºC, but the breeze does not make the place unbearable. In the Algarve region, for example, there is a unique summer with incredible beaches and a sea of crystal clear waters where swimming will be a pleasure.

Summer - Portugal


Winter can be considered pleasant compared to other countries on the same continent. However, be aware that wind and rain will accompany you during your trip, so it is advisable to wear appropriate clothing to avoid inconvenience. The temperatures in this period vary between 7 and 11ºC. In Northern areas such as Porto, temperatures are even lower.

And, although it is unlikely that you will have snowfall in most of the territory, know that this phenomenon occurs in the highlands. In fact, it is here that the typical sports of this season are practiced. So, if you practice some of what is on offer, there is no doubt: this is the perfect time to travel.


If autumn is the season you've chosen to go to Portugal, we can tell you that it's a wonderful decision. During these months temperatures are pleasant, there is no mass tourism and you can enjoy this destination in a different way. The temperatures do not drop below 5°C, so it's not the cold that should worry you.

In addition, November begins what is called the summer of St. Martin (what we call the Indian summer). However, an umbrella, a raincoat or both will be your great travelling companions.

Autumn - Portugal


The temperatures in this season are very pleasant and can reach up to 22°C. It is therefore the perfect time to go sightseeing and discover Portugal without the staggering heat. In addition, this destination is particularly beautiful in these months. Do not forget to check the weather forecasts of the region or regions you choose to visit because the weather can always surprise us!

And after this information, we wish you only a good stay. The weather cannot spoil any trip!

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