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Activities with Children in Portugal

You are wondering what to do with your children during your stay in Portugal? Although almost all of our villas offer a superb pool, there are a myriad of fun activities to do during a stay in Portugal that your children will enjoy. Villanovo have found for you the 10 best activities to do with your family during a stay in the country including the Pastéis de nata (the famous little Portuguese flan)!

1. Visit Lisbon aboard Tram Line 28

The children will love the famous Lisbon yellow tram, which will take you on a tour of the Portuguese capital's local atmosphere while hurling down the slopes and climbs of the city. The trams have been running since August 1901 and you can take 5 different lines: line 12, 15, 18, 25 and 28, which are the best known. The tram network connects Martim Moniz to Campo Ourique for an unforgettable crossing of the city.
A tram 28 ticket costs about € 2.85 but beware in summer, because the tram is crowded, so the children must be big enough to see the Lisbon landscape pass before their eyes. The journey takes about 40 minutes there, and 37 minutes for the way back. For an even more unique visit of the districts of the capital, enjoy a walk at night.

1. Visit Lisbon aboard Tram Line 28 - Portugal

2. Excursion with dolphins in the Algarve

Generally, children love the beaches of the Algarve. It is there that the temperature is ideal for bathing. This gives rise to unique and incredible activities, such as the possibility of meeting dolphins during a boat trip. In Sagres or Albufeira, many companies on the seaside propose to take you to discover these magical creatures, during a boat cruise on the Atlantic Ocean.

3. Getting lost in the Monsanto Floral Park

This park offers a secret walk in the heart of the greenery. It allows you to escape from the tumult of Lisbon, while discovering a sublime calm and quiet garden. You can admire the Tagus and all the extraordinary landscapes of this luxuriant vegetation, while your children have fun in the adapted playgrounds. Enjoy this quiet atmosphere for a picnic in the heart of the park.

3. Getting lost in the Monsanto Floral Park - Portugal

4. Visit ZooMarine in Albufeira

ZooMarine is one of the best family activities in the Algarve region. In Albufeira you will find this marine park that will amaze your children. Indeed, they will be able to discover the marine world up close and admire the spectacles of the ocean. Visiting this park is a perfect alternative to a beach day, because the park is so big that you can spend the day there, between zoo visits, seals and sea lions show and the famous dolphin show. The peculiarity of this park is that if you wish, you can swim with the dolphins, to be closer to these incredible and magical creatures.
Admission: Free for children under 4, 20 € for children under 10 and 29 € for adults. You can get discounts by ordering your tickets online by clicking here.

5. Walking in Comporta

Just over an hour from Lisbon, you will find this village which seems to have been deposited delicately on its strip of sand. A true intimate corner, you will find in Comporta the tranquility and the ideal charm for a relaxing holiday. For a stroll out of time, visit this small jewel of the Alentejo, with its small white houses and forests of fragrant pines. You can enjoy horseback riding on the beach, memories and wonder guaranteed for the whole family!
You can also admire a reserve of dolphins, not far from the coast. A true stopover in the electrical daily life of Portugal, galvanised by the tourist crowds of the summer. It is an ideal place to visit if you are with young children.

5. Walking in Comporta - Portugal

6. Travel back in time by visiting the medieval castle of Sao Jorge

For lovers of history and adventure, visit the medieval streets of Alfama to retrace the history of Lisbon and visit the medieval castle of Sao Jorge, dating from the 11th century. Like many castles in Portugal, the Castelo de Sao Jorge testifies to the Moorish presence in the country, it is located on the highest hill in the historic centre, which gives it the most breathtaking panorama of the city.
The small point to know: you can see the castle no matter where you are in downtown Lisbon as it overlooks the capital.
Going to this beautiful castle on foot will allow you to take a nice stroll in the medieval city of Lisbon. A true journey into the past that children will love in this district with a thousand memories, a thousand colours and a thousand flavours.

7. Visit to the Belém neighbourhood

Just a few minutes from downtown Lisbon, Belém is a must see in Portugal, notably its famous and impressive tower built between 1514 and 1520. It is a true architectural wonder and in 1983, declared Cultural Heritage of UNESCO.
Let your children marvel at the grandeur and power of this sublime tower, then enjoy the city for a few shops, browse the authentic streets and soak up the culture.
Plan to spend a full day with your family on site, as this place offers a multitude of things to do. You can picnic in one of the many parks or enjoy your visit to one of the typical restaurants of Belém.

7. Visit to the Belém neighbourhood - Portugal

8. Enjoy a day at the beach

It is not the beaches that are lacking in Portugal. If you stay on the coast of the country, you will always find a beach to spend the afternoon. Between building sand castles, and quietly reading on a towel, a day at the beach is always fun for the families.
The beaches of the Algarve are particularly popular with visitors. A beach day will also be the opportunity to test one of the many water sports that are proposed on the beaches of Portugal. No matter where you are, you will find beaches suitable for children: calm beaches for little ones, and more lively beaches for the older ones, so prepare your swimsuit and do not forget your suncream!

9. Sighting wolves at the Centro Recuperação do Lobo Iberico

For lovers of animals and especially wolves, this place is for you. Little known, it ensures a quiet visit to see the fauna and the flora. In the Lisbon area, you will discover the incredible way of life of these majestic animals, but not just that! If you are lucky, you can also see wild boars and raptors so don’t miss out.
The particularity of this park is that it is the last refuge of the Iberian wolf, cousin of the grey wolf. It is a unique experience to enjoy as a family, which will delight both young and old.

9. Sighting wolves at the Centro Recuperação do Lobo Iberico - Portugal

10. Adventure in the Natural Park of Serras de Aire e Candeeiros

Children who love nature and science will be delighted because the Natural Park of Serras de Aire e Candeeiros is a wonder of nature. Hidden inside the park you will find many caves and many ravines to explore.
The cave of Santo Antonio, the Moeda cave and the Alvados cave must be visited. You will also find some mines of salt.
Once there you will have the choice between 16 pedestrian walks through the park, and for the smaller ones it is possible to do these walks by donkey.

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