Renting a villa with a golf close at hand

You dream of a custom-made trip and you are a lover of golf? Rent a villa with a golf course or a golf close at hand and enjoy your passion while benefitting from the multiple advantages of a luxury private house.


Swing, putt and absolute comfort

One of the main obstacles for golf enthusiasts when they’re on vacation is the precious time lost going on golf courses where they can polish their swing and putt. Renting a villa with a golf course at hand is a precious asset which will give you the opportunity to savour every moment of your sporting vacation. When you won’t be on the green, you will be with your loved ones in the refined setting of a luxury villa where you will be able to relax to your heart’s content. And in contrast to a hotel, you will be assured of a peaceful setting, private and in the care of the best house staff.

A growing number of golf destinations

A few years ago, golf destinations were limited to a few historic European countries, such as Portugal, the United Kingdom or France. Nowadays, the growing interest of the public in this sport of precision has allowed the emergence of new courses, notably in countries of exotic charms such as Morocco. Marrakech and Essaouira have indeed seen the birth of prestigious courses. Mauritius, in the heart of the Indian Ocean, will allow you to practice golf in a paradisiacal and tropical setting.


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