Situated to the East of Bali, Lombok has recently opened up to tourism and therefore retains an authentic vision of Indonesia. It is an ideal destination for travellers looking for a tranquil and thrilling country.

On the nature side, the island is full of places worth visiting. In the North, Mount Rinjani culminates at 3,726 metres and offers a sumptuous panorama of the Gunung Rinjani National Park. Waterfalls, forests and lakes will add to your discovery of the profound nature of the island. Nearby plantations of tea, rice, coffee and tobacco dominate the landscape. The South of the island, very steep, is the perfect place for watersport lovers. In Lombok the activities will not end, between Pusuk and the forest of monkeys, the city of Sengigi and the family beach, and the waterfalls of Tiuteja.

Villanovo have selected magnificent villa rentals in Lombok, West of the island, near Malimbu bay and Sira Beach, let your feet taste the luxury of the water. These properties are a small paradise on Earth! The architecture of the villa is inspired by the traditional "Sasak" look, the majority ethnic group on Lombok, with a touch of modern and stylish interior. This subtle blend offers exquisite comfort, a feeling of full living in Indonesia. Luxurious gardens surround these cocoons, with unique views of the Indian Ocean and white sandy beaches.

Our advisers will be at your disposal to make your holiday stay memorable: let yourself be enchanted by the charm of this Indonesian island by booking your luxury villa in Lombok now!

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Villa Villa Anandita, Rental in Lombok

Villa Anandita

Lombok - 4 Bedrooms
Villa Villa Sepoi Sepoi, Rental in Lombok

Villa Sepoi Sepoi

Lombok - 6 Bedrooms
Villa Villa Sapi, Rental in Lombok

Villa Sapi

Lombok - 5 Bedrooms

Dar 118 - Marrakech

05/11/2016 - 08/11/2016

«Beautiful villa, with very friendly staff.»

Riad Zaouia 44 - Marrakech

04/02/2015 - 05/02/2015

«The décor in the riad, the food and staff.»

Villa Coloniale - Mauritius North

21/12/2013 - 02/01/2014

«The ambiance of the villa is superb. The house is beautifully designed and the wooden furniture is so unique that made us feel special! The deck with the all the comfortable sofas is so well done, th...»

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