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Rent a luxury villa in Ferragudo

Ferragudo, charismatic village of the Algarve

Located in the south of Portugal, in the Algarve on the estuary of Rio Arade, Ferragudo is a fishing village with an authentic charm. It is among those who have miraculously not been reached by mass tourism or destroyed by tourist infrastructures. Often compared to the old St Tropez, you will find small narrow and sunny streets, its charismatic port and its pretty church.


Number of rooms

  1. 3+

Equipment and Services

  1. Swimming pool
  2. Private swimming pool
1 Villa Villas

Villa Colombe

496 € - 1 026 €  per night 3 Bedrooms - 2 Bathrooms
6 persons max.

Algarve - Ferragudo
330330001 496 3

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The Portuguese charm

Walking in Ferragudo is traveling in the middle of its large white houses perfectly reflecting the sun on the colorful doors, it is also about trampling its cobbled streets lined by beautiful flowered balconies, or feel this authenticity produced by the purity of this village. Ferragudo has the will to seduce, emphasizing the importance of keeping its streets clean and pleasant.
Then, this walk will take you to the heart of the village, Plaça Rainha Dona Leonor, where you can relax in one of its many welcoming terraces.

A variety of beaches and activities

Village of the Algarve, Ferragudo owns beautiful beaches where it is impossible to get bored.
On the one hand, for its diversity of landscapes: In the south of the village, The Large Beach (Praia Grande), very reasonably populated and well protected by the two dams of the South Atlantic, is ideal for a family outing with your kids. On the East side, a wilder landscape awaits you. In the middle of the cliffs, beaches and coves offer worthwhile landscapes.
On the other hand, for its wide range of activities: Embark on a boat for a sea stroll and discover sumptuous panoramas, or go for new experiences such as meeting dolphins. For fishing enthusiasts, it will be quite possible for you to indulge in the occupation.
Regarding sports, being known as the Algarve's flagship physical activity, Ferragudo is home to a variety of golf courses for a fun family moment!

Exceptional fish dishes

In this authentic village, the inhabitants have lived on fishing for a pretty long time. Here you will taste fresh fish as you have never done! On the small harbor, you will find fishermen selling their fish, straight on the dock.
Also, if you walk along the coast, you will meet many small restaurants that offer succulent local and seafood dishes. A certified port experience!

Frequently asked questions

What is the price of a villa rental in the destination Ferragudo?

VILLANOVO offers 1 villas in the destination Ferragudo with prices ranging from 496 € to 496 € overnight. These rates include travel tips, accompaniment throughout the stay and other options included with the rental of the villa.

How does VILLANOVO select the villas?

VILLANOVO seeks villas offering unique and unforgettable experiences to its occupants. Exceptional geographical location, personalized services, luxury amenities and authenticity of the house are some of the criteria allowing us to add a house to our catalog. The opinions of holidaymakers and the flexibility of the owners are also taken into account.