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Rent a luxury villa in Leiria

Leiria, a surprising city

Leiria is a charming and surprising city of Portugal, where we can feel a mix of historical spirit and a glamorous aspect. Halfway between the two main cities Lisbon and Porto, it is located in the heart of many places of interest. Its culture, gastronomy and traditions make it a culturally rich municipality.


  1. Foz do Arelho

Number of rooms

  1. 5+

Equipment and Services

  1. Private parking space
  2. Garden
  3. Swimming pool
  4. Self catering


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544 € - 1 107 € per night
traveler 10 (12 max.) bed 5 bath 5

Leiria - Foz do Arelho
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Our destination experts as well as our concierge service will help organise your ideal vacation

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Our destination experts as well as our concierge service will help organise your ideal vacation

A warm city

Expect a warm and welcoming Portuguese atmosphere! The famous square "Praça Rodrigues Lobo", in particular, perfectly illustrates the good mood. It is impossible not to stroll on this square, where visitors and locals meet around the terraces of pleasant cafes and typical restaurants. Leiria is a good place to live, with its beautiful river dividing the city in two, its illuminated musical fountains and its huge stadium welcoming 25,000 spectators.

Culturally rich

Who said cultural tourism and shopping was not compatible? Let yourself be tempted by an unprecedented purchasing experience! Indeed, in the sunny city, the shops are real monuments built by the greatest European architects! Stroll through the amazing Bershka of the Garage building, buildings of the art nouveau style, dating from the first decade of the 20th century. Discard and visit the house of the Spanish brand Zara in the Episcopal Palace, or the former headquarters of the Athenäum Leiria and its pink building of the late 19th century representing an inspiration for bloggers and instagrammers!
Then, continue this cultural visit by going to enjoy one of the best ice cream of the city in Fior di Latte, in the former palace of the Guerra family.
But do not misunderstand, window shopping is not the only physical activity you can do in Leiria! At the edge of the river Lis, which unlike other rivers flows north, is a very accommodating space and ideal for family tour, with your kids, cycling or walking. In this same area you will find the two flagship museums of the city: the Leiria Museum and the Paper Mill Museum.

Events in the historical monuments of the city

A festive and joyous atmosphere rests on the sunny city. Every year, Leiria welcomes visitors and locals to celebrate its festivities. In August, it is again in a historical monument where the inevitable music festival called Entremuralhas (meaning between the walls of the castle) takes place. In the 12th century castle, plunges a unique feeling, a historical and mysterious aura. In addition, an exceptional panorama of the city is worth the trip!
Many events also take place in the heart of the historic center of Leiria, Piazza Sant'Ana, a very lively place of the city thanks to its beautiful Market. In this area you can contemplate the modernist architecture, mainly designed by the architect Santa Rita.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of a villa rental in the destination Leiria?

VILLANOVO offers 1 villas in the destination Leiria with prices ranging from 544 € to 1107 € overnight. These rates include travel tips, accompaniment throughout the stay and other options included with the rental of the villa.

How does VILLANOVO select the villas?

VILLANOVO seeks villas offering unique and unforgettable experiences to its occupants. Exceptional geographical location, personalized services, luxury amenities and authenticity of the house are some of the criteria allowing us to add a house to our catalogue. The opinions of holidaymakers and the flexibility of the owners are also taken into account.