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Gastronomy in France

Occupying a special place in the life of the French, gastronomy is clearly part of the must-see when it comes to a stay in France. Refined, tasty and quality, French gastronomy is recognised throughout the world as a true work of art. But what is so special about French cuisine?

Gastronomy in France - France

The history of French gastronomy

Like all the cuisines of the world, French cuisine evolves with its time. During the Middle Ages, the cuisine had no aesthetic value. In the days of kings and aristocracy, the dishes were presented neatly.
Before the French Revolution, Paris was at the heart of many changes, especially in terms of cooking. The city was constantly supplied with raw materials and prepared food, thus giving artisans the desire to perfect their art. As a result, many apprenticeships emerged and the profession of assistant cook and chef gradually became important in society.

The rise of French gastronomy

The arrival of the 17th century and the arrival of new elements from the New World gave rise to French haute cuisine. It is precisely Francois Pierre de La Varenne, a renowned chef, who created the very first cookbook in France. In its recipes, there is already an improvement in the design of meat dishes, which have become lighter.
After the French Revolution, chefs can now create and sell their masterpieces. Thus, French gastronomy has gradually been refined and is characterised by the different sauces, called mother sauces, that accompany dishes, such as the soufflé made for the first time in the 19th century. With the arrival of modern times and new kitchen equipment, French gastronomy has continued to evolve to create a cuisine with subtle flavours and coveted by fine gourmets.

The rise of French gastronomy - France

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