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Culture and Tradition in France

Discover all that makes the charm of France through its culture and traditions. Visiting the hexagon becomes a real fascination for the curious traveller of nature. A country that is influential in its art and culture, France has illuminated the whole world for centuries. Fashion, perfume, gastronomy and art, in all its forms, explode in the country of finesse.

Culture and Tradition in France - France

Innumerable architectural jewels

It is first through its incredible architecture that France radiates across the planet. It is difficult, indeed, not to praise the grandeur of its monuments! This gives France its magnificence, for indeed, architectural buildings abound in this land of glorious past.
When one talks about the French architectural masterpieces, one thinks incontestably about the famous Eiffel Tower or the splendid castle of Versailles. Although Paris has a multitude of attractions, the whole country is certainly worth the detour.
If you dream of immersing yourself in the heart of French culture and discovering its most beautiful buildings, do not forget to visit other unmissable places such as the Louvre Museum, where you will find magnificent works of art. The castle of Chambord, Mont Saint-Michel, Notre-Dame cathedral or the city of Carcassonne will surprise you!

From gastronomy to literature

In addition to architecture, French culture is important in gastronomy, language, philosophy, literature and painting. These assets are taken over, revisited and will be found all over the world. French cheese, wine, ratatouille, pot-au-feu, beef bourguignon will be synonymous with refined cuisine. These culinary traditions, highly appreciated, will remind us of the grandeur of French cuisine.
At the same time, note the recognition of the French language spoken in many countries. Great men like Descartes, Sartre, Voltaire, Moliere or Camus are important figures in philosophy and literature. Claude Monet, Pierre and Marie Curie have, for their part, put their stamp in the field of art and science.

From gastronomy to literature - France


What about traditions perpetuating in the big cities and picturesque villages of France? Whatever the city you deposit your bags in, you will attend the traditional incontournable events animating France throughout the year.
From the Christmas market in Alsace to the festival of carnation in the town of Falicon, passing by the feast of cod in Saint-Brieuc, you really do not risk to be bored in this country faithful to its traditions.

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